Pathing around the world: who is the best Jungler in League of Legends?

League of Legends Season 10 has introduced a variety of new ways to play the game with features like dragon soul and alcove mechanics that have spiced up Summoners Rift. With each new competitive season, the mantle for who can take the most out of these advantages is constantly under scrutiny with several regions boasting dominant teams that can dominate their leagues.

At the heart of any championship-winning team, a five-star jungler is almost always a necessary component of success. In this list, we’ll break down the most impactful Junglers in the world and how they stack up in a hypothetical matchup between the brushes.

1. South Korea: Clid – Gen. G

After last seasons exploits as an influential member of SKT, Clid made a splash in free agency as a member of this new look Gen. G. The chemistry has already proven better than expected as Clid is proving himself as a malleable commodity on any team.

His kill participation and objective control is higher or on par with the likes of rival junglers such as Cuzz and Pyosik while still being able to avoid needless deaths. The consistency shown at the highest level of play has been crucial to Gen. G’s stellar record thus far.

Clid - Best LoL Jungler

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Clid is a player who possesses that ‘wow’ factor you need in a world-class jungler. With a vast champion pool, and a diverse supporting cast of players that are willing to play for him and not just themselves, Clid may very well establish himself as a household name in Korea and possibly the world by the end of this season.

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2. North America: Blaber/Dardoch – Cloud9, TSM

The jungle race in North America is not even close statistically, but there are a lot of inflated stats for C9 members overall given their run of dominance this split. Blaber and Nisqy have been a fearsome roaming duo, but their cyclical recipe for success can only work so long before the rest of the league catches up.

Blaber Cloud9

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In many ways, Blaber mirrors the play style of Dardoch as their champion pools favor early game playmakers. Their mechanically intense styles also share some overlap, but Dardoch’s years of experience have shown in spades since joining TSM in his last few performances.

Dardoch used to be the ultimate feast or famine jungler, routinely being an anchor for his team in victories but also putting his team at risk with questionable decisions. His decision-making as a member of TSM has improved immensely, and Dardoch is one of the few junglers in North America than can pressure all three lanes with the same amount of impact.

Dardoch lol jungler

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3. Europe: Selfmade – Fnatic

Since last year, Selfmade has been a force to be reckoned with in the LEC on the back of his masterclass performances in jungle. As a former member of a struggling SK Gaming, Selfmade still made his presence felt like a promising player with not too many pieces to work with.

As a member of Fnatic, Selfmade’s potential has truly unlocked now that he is paired up with his former duo in Nemesis. Their synergy in the opening weeks of LEC has been refreshing to watch, and their ability as a five-man will only improve as G2 has started to fall by the wayside.

When it comes to Selfmade’s ability, his in-game IQ and positioning have consistently given him the edge. There are few junglers who play with the cerebral tuning of a player like Selfmade, and his ability to exert pressure with carry picks or staple tank junglers has been an integral part of Fnatic’s climb thus far.

Selfmade Fnatic (best lol jungler EU)

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Selfmade has all the high potential markers of players like Jankos or Svenskeren, but his patience in the jungle is the defining characteristic that really sets them apart. Look for Fnatic’s rise to continue off the back of solid play from their newly established powerhouse in the jungle.

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