Pathing around to Worlds: Best Junglers in League of Legends S11

League of Legends’ most unique role is without a doubt the Jungler: the player kills monster camps and works around the map to find advantages for his teammates. Not only that, but they are also responsible for securing the neutral objectives on the map. While the idea of the junglers is to help their laners, in recent years the trend has also inverted: the addition of the scuttle crab created more volatility as the junglers also need the laners to help them in order to secure it.

Today, we’re going to be looking at some of the best junglers in League of Legends in Season 11 and explain why they are the very best in this particular role.

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Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek

Best Junglers in League of Legends: 2021 Season

We’re going to be looking at the best junglers from each major region (LCK, LPL, LEC and LCS). While they might not be the best in terms of stats, we’re going to consider a lot more their value to the team’s results. The best junglers in League of Legends need to be versatile and cover multiple roles for their team. They also need to have the necessary mechanics and knowledge to fulfill their role in any given scenario.

It’s hard to look at hard stats and choose the best jungler. An overall look at the impact for the team as a unit, and the league the player plays in is what is essential. After doing a deep dive into all the VODs from the four major regions. We have the definitive list of best performing junglers in 2021.

With that being said, let’s get right into it!

1. LPL (China): EDG Jiejie, LNG Tarzan, FPX Tian

Starting off our list, we’re going to see arguably the most competitive region in the whole world: the LPL. There, each year new rookies rise up to compete with the veterans, hoping to become the new best junglers of League of Legends.

One of these is EDG Jiejie; The young rookie has been playing competitively since 2019, and he’s already in talks to be one of the best junglers in LoL. He’s the early-game playmaker, just like most of the Chinese junglers out there, always looking for opportunities to punish the enemies. While he may not be the most important carry, he’s extremely consistent and rarely makes big mistakes.

LoL Best Jungler

Zhao “Jiejie” Li-Jie / EDward Gaming

On the same lines is Tian, the jungler for FunPlusPhoenix. What’s impressive about him is how he overcame his own health issues during spring and came back when the starter Bo was banned due to the match-fixing scandal. Not only he filled his role, but he kept his consistency throughout spring and summer. After a disappointing 2020, the 2019 World Champion wants to show he’s one of the best.

Don’t believe me? Check out this play on his Lee Sin:

The final LoL jungler from the LPL is LNG Tarzan. After disappearing from pro play following the Griffin drama, the Korean jungler went to China to redeem himself. After a sub-par spring, LNG surprised everyone when they made a 7-win streak to the top of the standings. If the team reached such achievements, many of the merits go to Tarzan for his insane pathing and mechanics. He constantly uses his knowledge to outsmart the opponents… which is easier said than done.

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2. LCK (South Korea): NS Peanut, LSB Croco

After covering the Chinese League, next we will see the Korean League, the LCK. Korea is arguably the second best region in terms of Junglers this year. The region has always been famous for having very aggressive junglers: from the veterans to the new rookies, the aggression DNA is into their blood.

Peanut is having a resurgence after his adventure in China: he joined Nongshim RedForce and exceeded all expectations. With the meta shifting back to rewarding aggressive gameplay, Peanut is finally back into his comfort zone. He has positive stats differentials compared to the other junglers and he has the versatility of being both an initiator as well as the second carry. We’ll have to see whether Peanut can be the difference maker in playoffs, as NS is looking to get to the Worlds stage in China.

The second player from the LCK comes somewhat as a surprise: Croco has been one of the rising junglers in this summer split, thanks to an impressive rise of Liiv Sandbox in the LCK. He’s great mechanically and can play all the meta champions very well. If LSB wants to have a chance at Worlds 2021, Croco will be their key to success.

Croco LCK


Croco should become a part of your LoL Fantasy Draft if Liiv Sandbox make it to Worlds 2021. Check out our guide on how to play Fantasy LoL at Draftkings!

3. LEC (Europe): RGE Inspired, MSF Razork

Now that we finished looking at the eastern side of the world, let’s take a look at Europe.

While there is a lot of growing talent in EU, Inspired continues to be the best LoL jungler right now. He’s one of the most versatile players in the whole world, and one of the only ones that can really battle it out with the eastern players. He might not be the main carry of his team, but he enables his teammates so frequently that everyone can feel his presence.

The other best league of legends jungler in Europe is Razork. His early-game oriented playstyle is very similar to the Chinese and Korean ones. He’s also very high on the SoloQ ladder, meaning that he’s a mechanical talent that needs to fight his best identity possible. Misfits Gaming is trying to discover all his strengths and exploit them to its fullest. Regardless of whether MSF goes to Worlds 2021, Razork will be one of the best junglers for the next years.

Best LoL Jungler

© Misfits Gaming

4. LCS (North America): 100T Closer, TSM Spica

The NA LCS is currently a tier below the other three main regions, but the jungle talent over there is still pretty good. Out of everyone, 100T Closer is the jungler who showcased more potential over the last year.

Stats-wise, he’s top 2 in almost every metric possible. Pair it with the fact that now he’s in one of the best teams in NA, Closer is standing out even more. It will be important to see how he fares with other top tier junglers in the world: if he doesn’t perform well, then NA’s jungle talent must be revisited.

Closer best jungler LCS

Can “Closer” Çelik

The other top LoL jungler in NA is Spica. Picked up by TSM in 2019, the Chinese player rose to the starting roster following some dysfunctions with the previous junglers. Now that he racked up some experience, the mechanical talent is finally showing why he was scouted in the first place. The main strength of Spica is how he impacts his laners with his early game pathing: he willingly sacrifices himself to make sure his carries get the resources they need. It’s a very hard thing to do since it puts you in a worse light but anyone who really understands the jungle role knows how important that can be.

In the case TSM goes to Worlds, it will be Spica’s chance to redeem himself and show to the world that his worth.

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