Champ Select: how to choose the right LoL champion for you

One of the most important part in your LoL game is the champ select. To date, September 2019, there are a 145 champion to choose from, making the League of Legends champion pool extremely large compared to other games. While most experienced players will be familiar with each champion, choosing a particular few champions to main is vital in order to build skill and climb the leader boards.

Champ Select in League of Legends

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Which champion to choose during the Champ Select?

The various champions can be divided in certain classes:

  • Assassins
  • Marksman
  • Fighter
  • Mage
  • Support
  • Tank

Each class has extremely varying playstyles and item builds.


This class has heavy burst damage, and intends to kill low health, or squishy targets off in a fight. Champions in this role can deal extremely high amounts of damage in a low amount of time and are squishy themselves.


Champions in this class are AD based ranged characters, mainly relying on their auto attacks to deal damage. These champions deal high amounts of consistent damage but are extremely squishy and vulnerable to assassins and mages due to their heavy AD / AS build without any defence.

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Fighters are able to both deal a decent amount of damage and absorb a fair amount. Fighters will usually protect the team’s carries, or charge straight towards the enemy backline.


Mage champions largely depend on their abilities to deal damage and are usually AP based. Unlike assassins, Mages usually stay behind the tank / fighters.


The job of the support is to assist the Marksman in lane, and the team throughout the game. Supports primary peel for the carries and are responsible for vision control which entail warding and clearing enemy vision.


Tanks are responsible for absorbing a large amount of damage and peeling for team carries. Most tanks will have a couple of crowd control abilities, making them extremely effective in team fights.

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