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The Mid-Season Invitational is the first step for all the teams on their path toward the World Championship. After an arduous Spring Split, head numbing amounts of boot camps and scrims the top teams from each competitive region are heading for a clash do determine the best team in the world at the mid point of the season. As usual, we are here to bring you an in-depth coverage of all the MSI betting aspects you might need. Our esports news will be filled with daily predictions for matches at MSI 2021. But before we get going we have to set the initial stage with our MSI betting tips.

Predicting the winners and making the correct MSI Pick’em is one of the favorite passtimes during the mid-season period. The Twitter and Reddit wars of who gets it right and who gets it wrong are present for both Worlds and MSI each year. LoL betting and Fantasy leagues are widespread as everyone shows their prowess and know-how in the LoL meta and match outcomes.

In the following guide we will cover the basics of MSI betting. You will get all the information you need, to place your first bet on MSI 2021 and all the esports betting bonus available for you on our platform. Specific match selections and outcomes are available in our Esports news section.

Mid-Season Invitational Betting

Betting on LoL has become the go to market among all esports. All the LoL regions are now part of regular daily offerings among esports bookmakers. However, LoL Worlds and Mid-Season Invitational take the prize in attractiveness and depth of betting markets. You do not have to be an esports guru or an analyst to guess correctly either. Outright winners or favorites in most seasons are well known ahead of time. To those checking out MSI betting for the first time, we have created special MSI rankings for your convenience.

G2 vs Liquid MSI 2019

MSI Betting Tips – Three main markets you cannot miss

The MSI schedule this year features over 80 individual matchups across all stages of the competition. You will have at least 6 matches available for MSI betting each day, with as many as 12 matches featuring MSI LoL odds to form accumulator and systems bets with.

Lets, cover the main betting markets you should consider when you bet on MSI 2021.

Outright Betting

Betting outright is the most common way to bet on MSI 2021. Predicting the winner of each stage of the event with a single bet is the easiest way to dip your toes in the esports betting game. A plethora of outright betting options are available among most of the betting providers. Providers like or Buff.Bet are offering odds already.

Categories available for outright betting vary between predicting the “Region/Group of MSI Winner” to more specific picks like “Winner of Group A/B/C”. More specific bets also exist like “Teams to Reach the Final”. Overall outright bets are easy to just play as singles, and usually good for people that are just interested in placing a bet on their favorite team.

Your MSI betting experience should always have at least one outright or singles bet on this markets just for fandom sake.

Accumulator Bets

With six matches played on each day in most days of competition, Accumulator bets are the main betting market you should visit during MSI 2021. Anything between 3 and 6 matches on a single bet slip should net you a solid triple or quadruple return on your investment. You can even try and guess all the winners on a single day in a single slip for a low amount of money, and earn yourself a hefty return.

Specific day to day predictions and MSI betting tips will be available on our main page as soon as the event kicks off.

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Mid-season Invitational Betting on Exotic Markets

There are plenty of unique and special betting markets available with select providers. Unikrn and Bet365 as well as those previous mentioned, all offer an extensive list of exotic bets during MSI 2021. This sort of betting markets are interesting if you plan to follow the matches live, and place bets during the games being played out.

It is important to note that this types of bets should be considered by people that at least have an inkling of how League of Legends is played. Furthermore if you like to have consistency in successful bets on exotic markets, bettors should know the basics of how each team plays and how they approach the meta.

Exotic markets vary between different providers and include some of the most specific outcomes that could happen in-play. From Barons, Dragons, Inhibitors and other in-game objectives to player specific outcomes in the K/D/A section. Special Bets can also be placed in a single or accumulator format, which means you can tie them to your outright or accumulator bets as well.

Do keep in mind that these betting markets should be reserved more knowledgeable players.

G2 wins MSI 2019

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Your bet on MSI 2021: Concluding Remarks

For specific match odds head over to our MSI Odds article, and for specific match outcome predictions head over to our news section.

Remember that MSI betting or esports betting of any sort should always be fun and engaging. Avoid esports betting becoming a chore and keep a healthy dose of positivity even if your favorite team doesn’t win. There’s no right or wrong way to bet on esports, or in this case to Mid-Season Invitational betting . Try out all the different types of bets, and there’s a good chance you’ll eventually find a winning bet slip.

We keep an entire section reserved for betting bonus offers you can utilize and turn over during the event. Some providers might even offer unique MSI betting bonus offers just for the duration of the event.

First time betting? Read our esports betting guide for beginners.