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Bet on LoL Worlds 2022 the right way with our ultimate guide. There is money to be made and bonus rewards to be earned during the largest League of Legends event of the season.

In the following guide we will cover the basics of LoL Worlds betting, the information required for you to place your first bet on LoL Worlds and all the esports betting bonus available for you on our platform. When just guessing the winner is not enough, we got you covered!

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Figuring out the winning teams during Worlds and making the correct LoL Worlds Pick’em is a staple part of the viewing experience each year. Analysts, shoutcasters and players are engulfed in an ongoing “war of predictions” at every stage of the event. Spectators take part in fantasy LoL Worlds leagues, pick’ems and outright betting to prove their prediction prowess and knowledge of the League of Legends competitive landscape.

The League of Legends World Championship is the crown jewel of the entire competitive season. Leading up to the event, head numbing amounts of preparation and boot camps are happening all across the globe. The crew (as always) is tasked with bringing you a complete coverage of all the nitty gritty details about the event. From esports news and tournament information to betting guides and match predictions. Our goal is to provide a complete coverage and a wholesome experience for our readers. Furthermore, we strive to give all the information you will need to place the best League of Legends Worlds Betting Odds.

Utilize a LoL Worlds Bonus before your first bet

Before you even place your bets on Worlds 2022, its smart to utilize a bonus offer from one or multiple providers to boost out your winnings to the maximum. We identified four Worlds 2022 bonus offers that you can take advantage off with ease. Just head over to the provider (read our review beforehand), make your deposit and then follow the guide below to make winning bets and earn extra rewards.

  • GG.BET has plenty of sign up and bonus offers to use ahead of Worlds 2022. Their specific promotion for this event has not launched yet, but you can double-dip with a sign-up GG.BET bonus and a promotion code later on.
  • Betway Esports has running promotions for Worlds with odds higher then any other provider on the market. Last year, they ran special World Play-offs promotions as well as special outright selection bonuses. We will update their special Worlds ’22 promo as soon as it launches.
  • Thunderpick should be the go-to selection for first-time bettors due to their amazing welcome bonus and combo bet insurance. They are one of our featured crypto betting sites that cover a depth of markets on-par with premier traditional bookmakers.
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League of Legends Worlds 2022 Betting Guide

Going into Worlds ’22, you will find market coverage for almost any measurable metric you see during a competitive game. When betting on League of Legends, you do not have to be an esports guru or an analyst to guess correctly. Outright winners or favorites in most matches are well known beforehand. Even if you are tuning into the Worlds for the first time, you can still make quality bets just following some simple “rules”.

In our attempt to ease your LoL Worlds betting experience we will cover the main three categories of betting available on the market.

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Outright Betting

Betting outright is the simplest and most straightforward way to bet on LoL Worlds. Predicting the winners of Play-Ins, Group Stage or Grand Final with a single bet is the easiest way to dip your toes in the esports betting game. A plethora of outright betting options are available among most of the betting providers. Some providers like GG.BET or Betway offer odds way ahead of the event.

Categories available for outright LoL Worlds betting vary from predicting the Region of the Worlds 2022 Champion to more specific picks like: Winner of Worlds 2022. If you are interested in taking the predictions step by step. There are specific outrights about teams that would make it out of the Play-Ins Stage or Teams to Reach the Final.

Your League of Legends Worlds 2022 betting experience should always contain at least a few outright or single bets. Your favorite team or teams you favor for winning the Group Stage or the whole event deserve your support and faith. These bets are also most valuable for protecting your investment on accumulator bets and other forms of betting if you chose to make them.

All things considered, outright betting is an easy way to stay engaged with the game while also making a decent buck during your viewing experience.

Accumulator/System Betting

If you seek to make a bigger bang for your buck with LoL Worlds 2022 betting, Accumulator Bets or Systems are the best way to go at it.

People familiar with betting on any traditional sports will have no trouble recognizing that combining multiple outcomes nets bigger rewards. While almost all the betting providers have accumulator bets enabled for the Worlds 2022 Championship, providers like Betway or the ones mentioned previously offer more complex betting systems (Yankee, Lucky-15, Canadian etc) for players more inclined to placing multiple bets combined.

System betsare a valuable way of protecting your investment as you bet on LoL Worlds. Although a system bet can possibly halve your potential gain, it does give you leeway to miss some games and still end up in the money. There is almost an infinite way to combine and create a system bet that would suit your needs or style. However the simplest way to guarantee a win is give yourself a 1 or 2 prediction failures on your multi-fold Worlds 2022 bet-slip and still net positive results.

If you plan to follow the entire Worlds 2022 event through the Play-In stage and beyond, and you are familiar with this type of betting; Do not hesitate to put down your favorites on a single accumulator or system bet slip.

Bet on LoL Worlds with Special Bets

For the ones really in-tune with League of Legends and the competitive scene, a special selection of betting markets is available with select providers. Midnite or Duelbits and some of our previous mentions offer an extensive list of exotic bets. This sort of betting markets should be “reserved” for those with a bit of knowledge about the meta of the game; the strengths and weaknesses of specific teams, and how the game is played.

If words like tempo, priority, macro and synergy are not part of your League of Legends vocabulary, then keep your LoL Worlds betting to one of the categories above. If you are instead well versed in the ins and outs of a League of Legends match with everything they encompass, then Special Bets should be a part of your betting repertoire.

Markets vary between different providers and include some of the most specific outcomes that could happen in-play. From Barons, Dragons, Inhibitors and other in-game objectives to player specific outcomes in the K/D/A section, the Special Bets can placed in a Single or Accumulator format to further spice up your bet slip as you bet on LoL Worlds.

Do keep in mind that these betting markets should be reserved for those taking their LoL Worlds betting seriously and are informed in-depth about the game.

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Esports Bonus to bet on Worlds 2022

Bookmakers will have plenty of offers available to entice players to choose their platform over another. On top of the standard esports bonus providers offer, you will find plenty of Worlds 2022 specific betting bonuses enabled. You will be able to utilize both the sign-up bonuses and potential free bets, and LoL specific bonuses on top during the event.

Furthermore, each provider has their own campaign, but not all are guaranteed to have one active during the event. Check each and every one of them to find the best choice that suits you.

Your bet on LoL Worlds: Concluding Remarks

For specific odds and predictions about the League of Legends Worlds Championship 2022 please refer to our LoL Worlds betting odds article and our LoL Worlds 2022 Predictions article.

For all general information about Worlds 2022 please refer to our LoL News Section.

Remember that LoL Worlds betting or esports betting of any sort should always be fun and engaging. Avoid esports betting becoming a daily task or a chore. Take regular breaks to evaluate and reanalyze your approach. There’s no right or wrong way to bet on esports, or in this case to bet on LoL Worlds. Try out different systems and strategies, and there’s a good chance you’ll eventually find a winning strategy.

Stay on track with your betting budget and keep returning for daily updates about LoL odds, bets and predictions as the Championship evolves. Finally, remember to drop a comment about your Worlds 2022 betting experience in one of our articles or on Reddit.

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