The League of Legends European Championship is one of the most historical divisions in League esports. Legendary rosters like Fnatic and G2 Esports made their names playing in the LEC. With a planned out seasonal circuit and plenty of star players, fantasy LEC is an excellent way to get accustomed to esports drafting.

The LEC runs twice a year on a consistent schedule and features ten European teams in a round-robin competition. Matches are planned well in advance with clear rosters and start times, making it much easier to watch than other esports. LEC matches are available to watch for free on the official League European Championship Twitch channel. The LEC’s similarity to a traditional sports league makes it a great choice for a basketball or football drafter that wants to get into fantasy esports.

Fantasy LEC

How does LEC fantasy work?

LEC fantasy begins the same way as traditional sports fantasy. Before a League of Legends European Championship season or playoffs, a host determines the drafting format and each player’s salary. Then drafters are given a salary cap and a list of players to add to their teams. The number of players per LEC draft can vary, but it’s usually a set of five players or a full team with each position represented.

As the fantasy League of Legends season progresses, players rack up fantasy points by taking actions that help their team win. League of Legends fantasy points can be earned in several ways, but many LEC draft sites consider the following stats.

  • Kills
  • Killstreaks
  • Multikills
  • Earning gold and experience
  • Destroying dragons and Baron
  • Destroying Towers
  • Destroying enemy wards
  • Destroying the enemy inhibitors
  • Winning games

Real Money LEC Fantasy

It can be challenging to find a solid real money betting site League of Legends European Championship drafting. However, the most famous DFS site DraftKings includes League of Legends in its sportsbook. The American website offers several drafting competitions every LEC season, with prizes ranging from $500 Trident Slash events to $6,000 Tyrant leagues.

DraftKings’ extensive sportsbooks includes an array of traditional sports and other esports, including Call of Duty, Rocket League, and more. It also includes other League esports divisions, including fantasy LCS and LCK. If you want to earn real money playing LEC fantasy, there’s no better host than DraftKings.

To learn more about esports fantasy betting at DraftKing , check out our DraftKings esports review.

Free LEC Drafting

If you want to try the LoL fantasy draft for free, there are a few more options available. The most popular website for free LEC drafting is Superfantasy, a unique card-based fantasy service. Superfantasy LEC can be played entirely for free, though there are options to purchase additional random card packs with real money. Superfantasy offers a free starting pack and daily rewards for active players.

When creating a Superfantasy lineup, drafters must choose one player for each position from their available player cards. LEC Pro cards allow the player to be chosen. Item cards grant a boost to a particular stat, and scenario cards can give bonus points if a certain condition is met. Demands can vary from scoring double kills, achieving a certain creep score, or destroying a certain objective.

LEC Fantasy Drafting Tips

  1. Instead of focusing on which players are the absolute best, look over the salaries and try to find undervalued players.
  2. Spreading your budget across multiple positions is better than going all-in on two or three particular players.
  3. Many sites value support contributions differently. Always check the fantasy point rules before picking your squad.
  4. For player statistics and match histories, check the official LEC website or the fan-created League of Legends Esports Gamepedia.
  5. Rookies are often priced low, so don’t be afraid to take a chance on a new player.
  6. Star players are tempting, but try to anchor your LEC draft with a consistent midlaner or jungler. These positions tend to perform well even in losing games.