The Sandbox announce partnership with Saudi Arabia

The Sandbox have just announced a killer collaboration with the Saudi Arabia Digital Government Authority last week. A great accomplishment for a flourishing Web3 project that has only been on the up over the past few years.

Having a backing like this is amazing not only for crypto gaming but for the whole of the blockchain as we see more Middle Eastern nations back this emerging technology.

The partnership will see more developments being pushed for this metaverse experience. It will also allow the metaverse to have the Saudi ethics and cultural vision implemented into the experience.


@ The Sandbox

The co-founder of The Sandbox took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the recent announcement:

“We look forward to exploring, advising and supporting mutually each other in activations of the Metaverse,” – Sebastien Borget

As a part of the LEAP Tech Conference 2023 event held in Saudi Arabia, The Sandbox and the Saudi Arabia Digital Government Authority held a panel talk discussing the upcoming project.

$SAND token saw a spike in price

As the recent news of The Sandbox’s announcement made the rounds on Twitter, cryptocurrency investors and gamers took to the exchanges and caused the price of SAND to pump 30% in price.
Since its record highs of $8.44 back in 2021, the token has plummeted dramatically in the crypto winter experienced last year.

As many are aware now, the crypto winter has destroyed the momentum gaming tokens had received through 2020 and the early months of 2021.

As games have pushed on though, we have seen some comebacks from the likes of Axie Infinity and The Sandbox as their ecosystems have been expanded on.

What will come of this announcement?

Nothing has been announced just yet, however we can imagine a lot more will in the future!

The Sandbox is the metaverse hub for all things gaming and development. It is presumed that this headline will incentivise developers and teams to build within The Sandbox in their crypto games and NFT editor.

As the world of Web3 is blossoming in these regions due to local legislation on digital assets, the gaming and crypto world will have their eyes peeled on The Sandbox.

Enjoyed by millions worldwide already, The Sandbox has a number of high class projects under their belts. Partnering with HSBC, Slipknot, Gordon Ramsay, Adidas and Paris Hilton to name a few, there are over 80 experiences gamers can jump right into.

Be sure to check out The Sandbox metaverse if you haven’t already, it’s free to do so!