Rocket League has been climbing the ranks for years and working into a dominant position in the esports industry. It’s a top-tier competitive title that boasts a lucrative and expansive esports ecosystem comprising millions of fans and competitors. As per the tradition, where there’s a competitive game, there are esports betting opportunities. Today, we’re addressing that opportunity, bringing a catch-all guide revealing the best Rocket League betting tips.

If you’re eager to start betting on Rocket League, there are several boxes that you’ll need to tick. If you want to maximise your betting potential and win more wagers, it’s almost mandatory to approach your Rocket League gambling practices with a strategy in mind. In this Rocket League betting tips guide, we’ll tell you how to assemble a strategy, which betting sites to use, and the markets you need to keep an eye on.

Rocket League is one of the most exciting esports titles in the world – don’t sleep on it!

How to Bet on Rocket League

As the esports betting industry has become increasingly popular, it has also become much more accessible. Today, there are plenty of sites that allow you to bet on Rocket League within a matter of minutes, fusing simple sign-up processes with easy-to-navigate platforms. For years, punters have been betting easily on traditional sports markets, but now, esports betting markets are just as easy to track down.

There are just a few steps to follow before you can start betting on Rocket League:

  1. Track down one of the best Rocket League betting sites out there, which we’ve listed further down this guide.
  2. Make an account, flesh out your profile, and fund your betting wallet.
  3. Navigate to the Rocket League betting markets and identify the lines you want to wager on.
  4. Place a bet, tune in to the gameplay, and – hopefully – win your wagers.
  5. Rinse and repeat!

That’s the most basic way we can dish out one of the best Rocket League betting tips – how to get started. From there, it’s just a case of gathering experience and knowledge, learning more about the teams and tournaments, and better understanding how odds work.

Best Sites for Rocket League Betting

rocket league betting sites luckbox

Luckbox is one of the best Rocket League betting sites.

So, you’re ready to make your first betting account so you can place some wagers on Rocket League. There’s an important step there, and it involves tracking down one of the best Rocket League betting sites. While there are countless betting platforms online that offer esports betting odds, only a handful of them are ‘worth your time’. It’s a broad, diverse world out there, and it can be confusing for a new punter.

That’s why we’ve assembled a list of the best sites for Rocket League betting.

  • has been operating since 2016 and it’s easily one of the best sites for Rocket League betting. It’s an esports-focused platform that offers countless advantages to the user, such as advanced streaming features, competitive odds, and great special offers and bonuses. Go To ➥
  • Luckbox is a great platform that simply looks like an esports betting site. It’s one of the best operators for Rocket League bets, boasting historic data, team sheets, stream integrations, and enhanced markets. It’s a brilliant site for any new or veteran bettor looking to bet on Rocket League. Go To Luckbox ➥
  • If you’re a digital thinker and a fan of cryptocurrency, then Thunderpick is a brilliant platform to bet on. It’s a cryptocurrency-exclusive betting site that is deeply ingrained into the esports industry in several ways. It’s also the home to some of the best Rocket League odds you’ll ever see online. Go To Thunderpick ➥

Best Rocket League Tournament for Betting – RLCS

The Rocket League Championship Series is arguably the most impactful tournament in the scene, boasting a multi-million-dollar prize pool. It’s the proving ground for the world’s greatest Rocket League players, and it’s a global event that incorporates the talents of all the world’s regions. In 2015, barely a year after Rocket League launched, the inaugural season of the RLCS was hosted, boasting a $55,000 prize pool.

Today, the average prize pool for the Rocket League Championship Series can exceed $2 million.

No tournaments in the Rocket League landscape are better for esports betting than the RLCS. It’s the pinnacle of Rocket League competitive gaming, and there’s almost no challenge when it comes to finding odds and markets for the week-long event. Every esports betting site covers it, so you won’t need to work hard to track them down. In 2023, the RLCS will be taking place between the 4th and the 13th of August, featuring the prolific skills of twenty-four teams.

While there are other tournaments that will be covered by betting sites – especially esports betting sites, there’s nothing bigger than the RLCS.

RLCS Betting Tips

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Top Rocket League Betting Tips

Finally, we arrive at the all-important core of our guide – the Rocket League betting tips. There are several top-tier tips and tricks that you can walk away with to strengthen your strategy, and here they are:

  • Don’t bet with just one platform, but instead, shop around and take advantage of all the best betting sites and their respective promotions and bonuses.
  • Understand the Rocket League odds and markets before you actually bet on them, in order to boost your knowledge and your success rate.
  • Consider downloading the game and playing it as it’s free to play, and it’ll help you understand how the game works.
  • Do your homework and learn about the teams, players, and tournaments that you’ll be betting on.
  • Sign up for an account on Reddit and similar platforms, chat with other Rocket League punters and perhaps score a few tips.
  • Check out the guides on and make sure you return regularly to see our Rocket League coverage.

That’s all for today! We wish you the best of luck with your Rocket League bets.