In DraftKings, users may find themselves face to face with a system called achievements. DraftKings achievements, along with Draftkings esports achievements is a reward system that ties into other currencies such as the DraftKings crowns.

They’re obtained after completing certain objectives and grant rewards for doing so. Each sport and esport DraftKings hosts has its own achievement system tied to it that participants of DraftKings can work through.

draftkings achievements

DraftKings achievements are a way users can passively earn rewards by participating in activities. For example, some achievements tie into the amount of DraftKings contests someone has taken part in. Just by participating, they’re making progress on an achievement.

DraftKings esports achievements have also grown side by side with DraftKings esports. In something like DraftKings League of Legends contests and DFS leagues, it too has an achievements system that encourages players to hop in.

Since each sport and esport has its own individual system, DraftKings encourages users to try out as many as possible. There are some achievements that will take a long time to complete, but there are some simpler ones that newcomers can finish in a reasonable amount of time.

How Do They Work

The way DraftKings achievements work overall is pretty straightforward. People on DraftKings get certain objectives done, turn them in, and collect their reward. However, the way some achievements get completed can differ in difficulty, complexity and commitment.

For one, some achievements rely on the scoring systems of each sport and esport. For example, one achievement in League of Legends may require 100 total kills in a month’s worth of paid contests. Others have similar achievements that tie into stats from the sport or esport.

Some achievements also relate to sporting events. For example, there are NBA playoff achievements that happen every year, and they expire when the playoffs end. The good news is there are still a good amount of achievements that have long windows before they finish.

Each DraftKings achievement has a milestone or several milestones attached to it that users must complete to finish the achievement. After doing so, they’ll be able to officially claim their rewards within 24 hours.

Once they unlock the reward, they’ll have plenty of time to collect it, 30 days after the achievement program ends. Claiming it is an easy process, users just need to go to the achievements landing page and click claim on the reward they want to collect.

Draftkings esports achievements

How to Participate in DraftKings Achievements

Participation in DraftKings achievements is fairly passive. As long as someone is an active user on the site and consistently partakes in contests and competition, they might as well be participating in the achievements program.

Now, for these active players, they may want to go through an overview of the current achievements program for the sport or esport they’re in. Achievements aren’t super hard, but some of them can be long term things to complete over an entire season.

Having a plan to tackle and complete some of the longer achievements can really help. Each sport and esport has its own achievement. Those who want to participate in all of them may want to look at each achievement program before joining.

What are the Awards

The awards each achievement gives differ on how hard and lengthy the achievement was. However, they all give crowns, contest tickets, and DraftKings dollars almost every time. These are all desirable things that active participants should desire.

The amount of crowns earned in a month determines the daily rewards status tier of the next month, which can be very useful. Contest tickets allow users to enter some of the most high-profile and prize wavy contests. And DraftKings dollars act as cash when used to enter a competition.