Games With Ranked Mode – Our Top 5 Best Competitive Games

Some of the best games out there are those games with Ranked Modes. These add-ons let you test your skill against other players, leveling up as you perform better. It gives a real sense of progression. The top games with Ranked Mode are some of the best esports games to play.

The ranking modes in different games all work pretty differently. However, they have some factors in common. Usually, you’re able to play in separate lobbies you give you points depending on your performance. This lets you rise up the ranks and be put into even harder lobbies. The highest end of the ranking system is the end goal, but there’s fun progression to be had along the way.

If you’re looking for a game that has a long shelf life, the best games with Ranked Modes are the best picks. Getting skilled enough at a game to get to the highest level takes a while. Progressing up the ranks ends up being proof of your skill in the title, and a great reward for investing your time. Since they are also some of the best esports games, some of these games even have tournaments you can play in if you get to the highest ranks.

Loads of games offer ranked modes now. However, some stand out a lot more than others. These are the top picks for games with ranked modes:

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a Battle Royale that has proven to be a real grower. The game has built its popularity up substantially since the period after its launch. The game now has more interesting Legends, a packed map, and it gets regular updates. The Apex ranking system and ranked modes adds a lot to the game, it’s a big part of what makes it the success that it is.

Apex Legends is a Battle Royale. Games are longer than in other multiplayer games, and only one can come out a winner. This leads to it being pretty competitive, even in normal matches. On top of the battle Royale, every character or Legend has unique abilities.

Apex Legends Ranked

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However, throughout the game, there are chances to grab kills and other achievements to make a non-victory placement into an overall win. While it’s first place you’re aiming for, performing well in the rest of a round is a big help in the Apex Legends ranked mode.

Ranking up in Apex Legends can feel like a real achievement. Since this game is being played in teams, you have a choice in the ranked mode. You can go through trying to play mainly with friends, or take your risk with open queue! If you want to keep playing with friends and potentially drop into in-game tournaments though, you’ll all have to keep pace and stay in the same rank!

Apex Legends has a lot to offer casually and competitively. It’s one of the best games with Ranked Mode if you’re looking for a Battle Royale. 


FIFA is a game that’s normally played pretty casually, but it actually has an expansive ranked mode. The FIFA ranking system lets you test your skills against the other players in the game. This is one of the games with a more unique system for ranked too.

The FIFA ranking system works quite a bit differently. Teams have to compete in standard matches to earn points and level up. This all works pretty simply so far, but once you’re high enough up in the rankings you can start to play in the Weekend League. These are ongoing competitions with matches played at a set time every week!

FIFA ranked

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Advancing through these Leagues is the main appeal of the FIFA Ranked mode. With events played at a set time, the weekend matches can be a lot of fun. This is a different kind of ranked mode, one that turns into appointment matches. There are rewards for doing well on this side of the game though.

FIFA has a fun casual side, but if you want to put the time in then it’s one of the best games with a ranked mode. The FIFA ranks can be a lot of fun to climb.


Fortnite is another Battle Royale on this list of the best games with ranked mode! It’s become a cultural phenomenon, basically, everyone knows something about Fortnite. While the game’s most famous as a casual-friendly title with constant crossovers, there’s more to it. The Fortnite Arena mode has a lot of depth.

Arena mode in Fortnite gives you the opportunity to rise up the ranks and prove you’re the best at a Battle Royale. You can do this on your own, or as a team or duo. With this spread of Fortnite ranked modes, you can compete against other top players no matter which friends it is you’re playing with. The game also has a high-skill cap.

Fortnite week zero

Building is a unique mechanic to Fortnite and one with a lot of depth. At a high level, it goes way beyond just throwing up a wall once you’re under fire. Build and edit fights in Fortnite escalate the game to a crazy level, where split-second inputs make all the difference between a rank-up and a wasted game.

The Fortnite ranking system allows you to start participating in tournaments too! Here you can win cosmetics and even actual cash. You’ll need to reach the height of the Fortnite ranks first. This makes Fortnite one of the best games with Ranked Mode, and one that has some of the most accessible rewards for players.

CSGO Ranks 

CSGO is a title with one of the oldest and most respected esports ecosystems. The top players in this game are some of the best esports pros out there as a whole. The game is also one of the best to play ranked mode in though. The title has a lot to offer players, but rising up through the ranks is the main attraction here.

A big problem in CSGO in the past was finding games against skilled players. Ideally, you want to be with players taking things as seriously as you are. Although, them being close to your skill level is also helpful! It allows you to get a real challenge, and a clear way to improve by beating them. The CSGO Ranked Mode accomplishes this pretty well.

CSGO Banner

The Ranked Mode does a great job dividing players into their exact right skill level. You then get to play against other players who are in the same CSGO ranks. Ensuring you’re always going to get a serious game and a decent challenge.

CSGO is one of the esports games with the highest skill levels possible. Once you really get good at this title, it’s a real accomplishment. Getting to the top of the ranked mode here probably means you can jump into plenty of the other games. The core mechanical skill built by CSGO translates across most shooters. 

Rocket League

Rocket League is a game that seems like casual fun. You’re in a rocket-powered car playing football, so how can you make this into a tense experience that’s all about skill and winning? The Rocket League ranked mode can make the game into a different experience entirely.

The Rocket League ranks section is your entry into the competitive mode. The lowest level of the game is playing casually, but further up there’s an expansive esports system. This is the height of playing competitively in the game. The Ranked Mode is where you’ll start. The game works quite simply here, but progression can be tricky.

Rocket League ranked mode

There are a few different game modes for competitive. There’s 3v3. That’s the standard Rocket League game type and it’s the biggest attraction here. In this mode, you’ll be fighting in full teams. On top of that, there are 2v2 Doubles. These teams are a little smaller, but it is still a competitive way to play. 1V1 Duel isn’t as big of a deal for high-level Rocket League, but you can still play ranked here. These each has separate ranks, so you’ll need to excel in all three if you want to boast about your prowess across the whole game. There are other game types in competitive after you play enough matches too, but those three are the main ranked mode.

There are skill levels in the Rocket League ranks are divided into set tiers. These range from Bronze and Silver all the way up to Grand Champion and Supersonic Legend. As you progress up these ranks, you’ll face stronger players. Once you hit the higher ends, you’re going to be facing some very strong players.

The Rocket League ranked mode makes a not-so-serious game into a very competitive experience. This is definitely one of the best games with ranked mode.

Top Games with Ranked Modes

These games with ranked modes are some of the highlights, but it’s by no means exhaustive. With esports permeating every genre of gaming, more and more titles are getting ranked mode. When these game modes add so much longevity and depth to titles, it’s no wonder players are looking for them just about everywhere now. Even outside of those highlighted here, there are some great games out there that offer competitive modes.

Out of these, there should be a game with a competitive mode that suits your needs. However, picking a game is just the start. From there, you’ve got the rich journey of trying to progress within the game and become the very best. This is never the easiest experience, but it’s definitely one of the most rewarding in gaming.