Cowsep is one of the more established League of Legends streamers, renowned for his amazing mechanics on his main, Master Yi. While he does occasionally try a few other champions depending on the meta, Cowsep has always stayed true to his Master Yi, maintaining and achieving high elo on a variety of different servers.

Grinding to the top

While Cowsep is now one of the most well-known League of Legends streamers, it has not come easy. His earlier days in streaming League of Legends was a part-time activity, mainly having to teach English in Korea, which enabled him to sustain his livelihood in the country. Being a western streamer in high-level Korean solo queue while managing to maintain challenger in the most competitive region at the time, Cowsep’s stream quickly gained traction.

That said, while Cowsep is primarily regarded as a League of Legends streamer, he is not afraid of trying other new games which are trending. For example, previously picked up Hearthstone when the game was booming, allowing him to widen his audience. Considering Teamfight Tactic’s recent hype, Cowsep has also released and streamed some TFT content.

On top of his frequent interaction with his twitch chat, even setting up his own interactive community space to reward his viewers, Cowsep deserves his recognition as one of the top twitch streamers.


Cowsep banned by Riot

Controversially, Cowsep had previously been banned by Riot Korea for “account sharing”. However, it may not be what most expect. League of Legends in Korea requires a social security number linked to the account, however, considering Cowsep is not a Korean citizen / permanent resident, he does not have one. Consequently, Cowsep has to purchase Korean LoL accounts to play on the server. Due to this, Cowsep had been banned for “account sharing”.

However, this is only the official response from Riot, on the other hand, Cowsep speculated he had been targeted. Read more on Cowsep’s ban.

Current endeavours

More recently, Cowsep has been touring South East Asia, building up his large existing audience in the region. Particularly focusing on Vietnam, where a large portion of his viewer base comes from, Cowsep has travelled too, and streamed in Vietnam on multiple occasions. However, to not lose the other half of his audience, Cowsep does also maintain his primary residency in Korea, as the solo queue quality there has always been extremely high.