Tarzaned is regarded as an infamous force in League of Legends. The high elo challenger jungler has had his fair share of drama over the years. This includes flaming a variety of high elo streamers, being toxic / racist, elo boosting and more recently, win trading.

Hitting rank 1

Tarzaned gained popularity following his rise to the top spot, finishing rank 1 in the League of Legends solo queue season 6 ladder. Being an unknown name finishing number one during a time where many other established streamers and high elo players competed for the spot, the League of Legends community became interested in the new name.

Tarzaned gets banned

Only a short while following his season 6 spectacle, it was revealed Tarzaned had been banned for serious verbal abuse. This includes his games and feud with another known League of Legends streamer, Dekar. Read more about Tarzaned’s ban.


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Tarzaned’s reform

Comparing the current Tarzaned to two years ago, he has improved astronomically. While he does occasionally flame teammates on his stream, Tarzaned for the most part, refrains typing in chat, preventing Riot from taking action against the streamer. This improvement allowed Tarzaned to join the twitch partnership program, an exclusive program reserved for Riot approved, and well-behaved known League of Legends Twitch streamers.

The recent drama

More recently, Tarzaned had been involved in more drama with Dekar calling him out for win trading. Win trading is extremely hard to prove and thus be bannable by Riot, that said, Tarzaned was well and truly exposed. Dekar not only called Tarzaned out on stream for win trading but published a Youtube video which had Tarzaned’s voice coms with his enemy clearly in the act of executing a win trade through throwing and baiting teammates. This was reviewed by Riot, leading to Tarzaned’s League of Legends suspension for two weeks.