Tarzaned banned….. yet again

Riot has suspended Tarzaned’s account due to toxicity.

Challanger streamer / YouTuber, Tarzaned, is facing another ban due to his extremely toxic behaviour, where he fed publicly on another teammate’s stream (which then blew up on Reddit). Tarzaned is no stranger to having his accounts being banned/suspended by Riot, shortly after finishing as the No.1 top player in season 6, he was banned for serious verbal abuse.

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If you follow Tarzaned like me, you would know that he has been trying to “reform” ever since he got slapped with a permanent ban on his main account. It was also widely known he wished to enter the competitive scene, but was denied by Riot due to his negative attitude and poor behaviour.

Tarzaned has released a fairly large “Tweet longer” post, where he sincerely apologised to fans and the wider community. He was definitely remorseful, stating “I’m also extremely sorry to my editors that put in their time and effort in order to grow our communities just to be set back by my immaturity.”

While some may doubt Tarzaned this time and regard him as a repeated offender having seen multiple clips of him feeding in the past, remember, people on Reddit specifically highlight these moments to gain recognition for their self-interest. Even facing this, there have only been a few times that Tarzaned has intentionally threw games, and let’s be honest, we all have those kinds of days where getting ticked off by teammates make you fume.

While he has apologized for his toxic behavior and letting down his fans, he also tweeted that he does not regret inting the game with “dekar” on his team. The day he got banned, Tarzaned tweeted out multiple times harassing “dekar” with memes, while offensive, I think it’s some great banter for viewers. While Tarzaned is at fault, “dekar” really did push his buttons, provoking him at every opportunity he had over the past few days.

It is unknown where Tarzaned will head to now. There are currently 3 options for Tarzaned now, look for a competitive team to coach, make a new account and start his “Road to rank 1” series again or take a 4 month break where he would likely secretly boost accounts as he did in the past. While looking to coach players, especially competitive players to improve their in-game awareness and mechanics would be the best option, it is unlikely.

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This is due to Tarzaned’s bad name in the competitive industry, where 2 months ago, his toxicity took over and had even threatened to break his teammate’s head while in game. The option that makes the most sense would be to restart his youtube series and continue streaming on Twitch, however, he may avoid youtube and twitch for the time being to attempt in improving his individual mechanics and behavior. For the latter option of taking a break and likely boosting accounts, is definitely possible. We can assume this, as Tarzaned in the past had boosted accounts for clients, and had publically stated he would make more money this way compared to the average NA CS players.