Tarzaned banned for elo boosting

Tarzaned is a somewhat infamous player, most well known for being a North American jungler that managed to reach rank 1 before being permanently banned due to toxicity. Since then, he announced he would be putting all his effort into ‘reforming’ to prevent wasting his potential and hopefully enter the pro scene. In the past few months, Reddit had constantly called out the streamer/ youtuber for flaming in game, intentionally feeding and overall, being a toxic teammate.

Getting banned

This time, he’s done it again by recently admitting on stream that he had and is currently elo boosting players to challenger. A viewer clipped Tarzaned’s admission to this bannable offence (which can be seen above), before posting a link to the official League of Legends sub-reddit. This attracted over a thousand up votes, igniting the issue to soaring heights as many called out to Riot for him to get Tarzaned banned.

  • “It’s funny, I boost 5 to 10 accounts in challenger every year” – In response to twitch chat saying he can’t get challenger.
  • “(Boosting) is the reason I have a career, because of bad players”
  • “If boosting wasn’t real, I’d be begging for money right now”
  • “I’m literally making 10K off of every challenger account… USD”
  • “Chinese people are the reason I’m alive right now”

Without much surprise, Riot caught onto the clip from the countless ‘Rioters’ patrolling the League of Legends sub-reddit. Considering elo boosting is against the Summoners Code, being caught results in the accounts of the elo-booster and client getting banned, Tarzaned was slapped with yet another permanent account suspension.

All of the streamer’s accounts has been banned. This was revealed by him personally on twitter, informing his followers “riot banned all my accounts again”. Later on, he posts a picture for proof of the permanent ban, mentioning riot is a ‘money-hungry company”, “that doesn’t ban accounts for elo boosting except for (his)”.

The Verdict

Judging by his tweets, it doesn’t seem he’ll reform anytime soon and will continue elo boosting. The clip clearly states him saying elo boosting is keeping him alive, little surprise since he isn’t some big time streamer. Come on, let’s face it, who’d give up that much money. Tarzaned is still one of the best junglers in North America, so it’s irresistible to pass up so much money for fairly little effort.

That said, if he elo-boosts, he deserves to get banned. Boosting ruins the integrity of the game at the highest level. Surprisingly, Tarzaned only had his accounts getting permanently banned, meaning Riot continues to give him a chance in comparison to Apdo. Apdo was targeted by Riot, where any accounts would be instantly banned on sight due to his elo boosting services (which he was caught for).

What now?

Tarzaned will likely start a new YouTube series once again along the lines of, ‘getting back to challenger / rank 1’. Also likely to elo boost on the side, hopefully learn his lesson to not brag on stream and accidentally leak bannable confessions.

By admitting he elo boosted, Tarzaned definitely blew his chance to enter the pro scene, since teams won’t want a member with a negative repertoire.

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