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Unikrn esports betting reviewed - Rating esports odds at Unikrn

If you are looking for CSGO gambling sites or decent Dota 2 betting, then Unikrn are well worth a try. You might known this brand-name from their well-publicised Unikrn ICO or even their Unikrn Gold cryptocurrency, but we want to see how good Unikrn esports betting is. Over the course of our Unikrn review, we will examine everything from the brand’s esports odds to their Unikrn coin currency to let you know whether this is one of the best betting sites for competitive gaming.

Unikrn burst onto the scene with plenty of all-American fanfare in 2014. With plenty of high-profile celebrity endorsements and their Unikrn Gold cryptocurrency, it seemed as though this Seattle-based brand was going to take the esports betting world by storm.

Whilst many esports betting sites concentrate on serving up decent esports odds and bonuses, it seems as though Unikrn is a little different. This is because they allow you to bet on your own gaming prowess as well as that of other pro gamers. In addition to this, the brand also allow you to win skins, join their Connekt loyalty scheme, or just check up on the latest esports news.

So what does this mean for anybody who wants to bet on the biggest esports like Counter Strike, League of Legends, Overwatch or Dota 2? Find out over the course of our Unikrn review where will help you see whether there’s a top esports bonus waiting for you, should you choose to sign up to this promising esports betting site.

Interface & Design Unikrn make it simple to enjoy real money gambling on esports

The Unikrn website is stylishly designed and relatively simple to use. During the course of our Unikrn review, we found it simple to browse the esports odds, watch live streaming of an ongoing match, and do important things like log into our accounts and contact customer service.

When it came to placing esports bets, it was very simple. Just click on the esports betting tab, tap on the team you want to wager on, and then enter how much you want to stake in your betting slip. Some newcomers to Unikrn might be surprised to find a homepage that’s dominated with the latest news and stories from the esports world. But once you get past this, then Unikrn’s website behaves in much the same way as many other sports betting sites.

For some of the more unusual aspects of Unikrn’s esports betting service like UMode and the use of the Unikrn coin, there’s a very detailed Help section that clearly explains how to carry out these tasks. All in all, a professionally designed site that makes it nice and simple to place your esports bets.


Bonus Offers & Free Bets No sign of a top esports bonus for UK customers found in our Unikrn review

The majority of esports betting sites usually have some kind of bonus for new customers that can give you a little extra to play with. However, it looks like Unikrn have different welcome bonuses depending on where you are based. Throughout the course of our Unikrn review we couldn’t find any kind of Unikrn welcome bonus for UK customers and were instead confronted with a page stating that there were no promotions available in our region at this time. But for some other countries, you might be able to get a 200% deposit bonus with your first €50 deposit, so be sure to check out the Unikrn promotions page.

It’s also worth mentioning the fact that if you use Unikrn Gold, then you might be able to enter some jackpot competitions. These contests give you chance to win anything from CSGO skins to extra UKG cash prizes. Obviously, it’s not quite the same as getting a decent matched deposit bonus, but it still shows that Unikrn are willing to reward their loyal customers with some nice giveaways.

Unikrn Bonus
200% Deposit, up to €50

Payments Try standard real money gambling or use Unikrn Gold

One of the main reasons as to why the Unikrn ICO was so well-publicised was the fact that the brand had made the big step of introducing their own cryptocurrency. Unikrn allow you to use their own cryptocurrencies to fund your wagering here, but you’ll have to visit a special Unikrn Gold exchange in order to give this a try.

Thankfully, Unikrn is also a real money gambling site and so you should be able to use standard payment methods depending on where you are based. Unikrn failed to mention anything about what kinds of payment methods they facilitate, but by looking through their FAQ we saw that they allow customers to use credit and debit cards.

Sadly the betting site gave no indication to anything regarding minimum withdrawal or deposit limits, or processing times. This lack of information might initially seem a touch off-putting, but don’t forget that you can contact the brand via live chat or email to find out more.


Esports Markets Enjoy Unikrn esports betting on LoL, CSGO, Dota 2 and much more

You can’t visit an esports betting site like Unikrn and not try out their awesome UMode service. This allows you to bet on your own performance on a variety of esports. However, if you want to take things a little easier, then you’ll be glad to know that our Unikrn review found that this brand allow you to wager on a massive amount of pro gaming competitions.

This means that you should be able to enjoy a wide range of betting markets for titles like League of Legends, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Dota 2, Overwatch, NBA2K, Rainbow 6, and StarCraft 2. Plus it looks like Unikrn also have options for betting on other titles like Call of Duty, FIFA, Fortnite and Apex Legends, but there were no ongoing tournaments at the time of writing this Unikrn review.

Just so you know, Unikrn serve up a good amount of betting markets for each individual esports clash. For a standard CSGO match, you can wager on things like winner of each map, total maps played or even try some handicap betting. This means that you’ll never have to just settle for a basic match winner bet thanks to Unikrn’s in-depth esports betting service

Live Streaming Free live streaming found in our Unikrn review

There’s not much point in laying down a live esports bet unless your chosen betting site serves up some decent live streaming options. Thankfully, Unikrn have more than met the challenge as they feature embedded live streaming courtesy of Twitch.tv.

This isn’t just entertaining as it provides you with a quick and easy way to work out which in-play esports odds are worth wagering on in accordance to the on-screen action. Whilst such a feature is an essential part of esports betting, a surprising number of Unikrn’s rivals have failed to implement such an important live streaming service.

But it doesn’t stop there as Unikrn also provide a wealth of other information that’s designed to help you make a better-informed esports bet. These range from handy statistics showing the recent form of each esports team, to Unikrn’s quality esports news service that can quickly get you up to speed with all of the latest developments in competitive gaming.

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Odds and Limits What esports odds does Unikrn offer for real money gambling?

Whilst the Unikrn ICO brought the brand plenty of publicity, it would mean nothing unless Unikorn managed to put on some seriously competitive esports betting odds. In order to check just how competitive Unikrn are, we had to put the brand up to an odds comparison test with another dedicated esports betting site – Vulkanbet.

For this odds comparison, we picked an ESL Pro League match between the Fnatic and NRG teams. Both of these esports organisations are renowned for their competitive CSGO gameplay, and we were interested to see that Unikrn had odds of 1.83 for a Fnatic win which were just eclipsed by Vulkanbet’s odds of 1.90. If you backed NRG to win this match, then Vulkanbet had odds of 1.82, which were just beaten by Unikrn’s odds of 1.83.

All of which shows that Unikrn can sometimes give you some of the best esports odds on the market. Plus it serves as a reminder of how important it is to check around to make sure you that are getting the best esports odds.

Customer Service Get help with your Unikrn esports betting via live chat and email

It’s always reassuring to find an esports betting site who takes the time to put on a reliable customer service team. Unikrn have done just this, as you can simply click on the Contact tab and find an email support form, and there is also a handy live chat tab located at the bottom right of their website.

You should know that the Unikrn offices are closed on weekends and public holidays, and that they are only open between 7am and 11pm each day. Whilst there is no telephone hotline available for their customer service team, there’s a fairly helpful FAQ section. This can quickly get you up to speed with things like using Unikrn Gold, but it might have been nicer if the brand had included some more helpful information regarding standard real money deposits and withdrawals.

Live ChatLive Chat Available

Security Fully licensed for safe real money gambling

Unikrn are currently fully licensed and regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. This might not appear to offer quite the same level of customer protection as a license from the UK Gambling Commission. But it still goes to show that Unikrn are serious about only facilitating safe real money gambling in a legal and reputable way.

The esports betting site have also taken the commendable step of signing up to the Esports Integrity Coalition alongside bookmakers like Betway, and esport event organisers such as DreamHack and ESL.

This organisation aims to ensure that esports maintains the highest levels of ethics so that you can be sure that you are wagering on transparent odds and on pro gamers who will perform in a fair and competitive manner. And just so you know, the Unikrn esports betting site is fully encrypted so that your deposits and personal data stay in safe hands.

Isle of Man

Conclusion Concluding thoughts in our Unikrn review

Unikrn are clearly a betting site with a difference. If you go to most esports betting sites, then the chances are that it will look and feel just like a standard traditional sports bookmaker site. But just about every aspect of Unikrn’s service offers something new. From the way that their UMode allows you to wager on your own gaming performance, to the use of Unikrn Gold cryptocurrency as a payment method, it’s clear that Unikrn aren’t afraid to do things differently.

Thankfully, Unikrn have paid attention to getting the basics right alongside their more headline-grabbing features. The Unikrn esports odds are fair and competitive, they offer a fully licensed site with helpful customer service, and they even provide free live streaming for your in-play bets.

On the negative side, the lack of UK welcome bonus could mean that new customers might want to try their luck elsewhere. Plus we would have liked to have seen more helpful information regarding important things like payment methods.

As a result, we think that Unikrn might not be first choice for anybody who wants an easy way to enjoy simple and standard esports bets. But if you are looking to check out esports betting with one of the most innovative brands in the world, then you should sign up and see what you can win at Unikrn.

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