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Esports betting can bring some extra excitement to watching tournaments, but ultimately video games are an interactive medium. So, surely you’d want to be able to bet on your own performance? This is where Unikrn UMode comes in. It is a site that allows you to bet on yourself and your own in many different video games. Skilled based betting lets you put money on your performance, rather than trusting it to a team with normal esports betting. You can make money playing videogames by betting on your own performance.

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This site comes with all of the features you’d expect from traditional esports betting sites. Our main Unikrn review can show you their security and payment options. With Unikrn UMode though, you’re getting a bit more. Getting involved yourself in the action adds a lot more complications. UMode makes things a lot simpler though. The odds are fair and their calculations are understandable. It tracks your games well, and you can be clear on what is being staked and what can be fun. Compared with organizers wagers on your own games through Discord or a private group, you’re guaranteed a level of security and fairness in the transaction.

The Unikrn UMode Platform

Unikrn UMode is a pretty simple concept, but executing it a little more complicated. Rather than betting on the performance of pros, fantasy esports, or betting on streamers, you’re betting on yourself. Of course, how to actually offer odds on a completely unknown player is something of a problem. That’s why UMode betting uses qualifiers and skill-based betting. You bet on yourself achieving certain results in games, and your qualifying performance is tracked by UMode to ensure they know what caliber you’re playing at.

Unikrn UMode allows you to bet on your own performance against a variety of metrics in different games. As you perform well, you’ll move up in rank and get more rewards. The odds are calculated by tracking your account and looking at the stats from games you’ve played.

You’ll start with the standard odds that all players are offered. Winning these games is going to give you lower odds in future, and loosing will give you higher. This is skill-based betting, so it reacts to your performance in the game.

How Does Unikrn UMode Work?

Unikrn UMode is a simple idea but it can be a bit complicated in execution. When you’re betting on yourself, you have to connect your game to UMode. This allows them to adjust your future odds based on your performance.

As you win games, you’ll get rewards based on how you performed. However, if you keep winning bets because of your performance, they’ll become higher stakes as lower odds are offered.

make money playing video gamers with umode

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What games can you play in UMode?

Unikrn UMode launched with a handful of games but they have been steadily adding them. Those currently offered are:

  • CS:GO
  • DOTA 2
  • League of Legends
  • Halo 5
  • Fortnite
  • StarCraft 2

Unikrn UMode is pretty consistently adding new games, you can even suggest them if you want to bet on a game that isn’t currently included. For these games, you have a lot of different markets available. You can bet on your placement in Fortnite as well as kills, along with how long a match runs in LOL, or how many times you die in CS:GO.

There is a lot of variety in what you can bet on with Unikrn UMode. However, in all of these categories, you’re betting on yourself and your own performance to make money playing videogames.

Unikrn Bonus (exclusive for US players)

There is typically a Unikrn Umode bonus on offer for new sign-ups. These can be quite generous. They range from small free bets to money back on certain odds. The Unikrn bonus can change though. This is what is currently and exclusively available to our US reader.

  • Start With $10 Free – Players in the US can start with a free $10 to play with by using the code PLAYUSA
  • Deposit Match – Another offer lets players get x3 their normal deposit up to $60! You could start betting with $10 free, and $40 to play with from a $10 deposit.

Can You Really Make Money Playing Videogames with Unikrn?

Making money just by playing videogames is a big goal for a lot of people. Unikrn does give you the opportunity to earn some rewards while playing video games. Actually, UMode is an excellent alternative to esports betting in USA, as in most states it is not yet possible to bet on esports. However, you could just as easily lose money playing video games. Unikrn UMode is a great addition to the Esports betting marketplace and a fun way to add a bit more excitement to your games but use it responsibly as you would with betting on any normal sporting event.

The site offers a great variety of sports and markets for each game. You can easily put money on the majority of major competitive games, and make some even if you’re not one of the best players in the world.