Dakotaz’s Fortnite streams are a nearly daily occurrence, filled with great action and entertaining commentary. His career stretches back much further than Fortnite though. Dakotaz has been an active part of the gaming content creation community for quite a bit longer than he’s been playing FortnTite. While he enjoyed a brief Esports career, Dakotaz is primarily a streamer.

Dakotaz YouTube and Twitch career

For Dakotaz, Fortnite wasn’t the start of his career. Even before Fortnite launched he was streaming PUBG and entertaining viewers. However, even prior to Battle Royales becoming prominent he was a visible player vs player gaming content creator. Dakotaz’s YouTube channel achieved a successful following before his gaming career really took off. It didn’t quite have the following of Dakotaz’s Twitch, but it was a respectable following.

The Dakotaz YouTube channel managed to amass around 92,00 subscribers before he moved mainly over to Twitch. It featured the typical Let’s Play videos along with many clips of his gameplay in other games. These were usually complemented by commentary from Dakotaz.

The majority of these early videos are now unavailable on Dakota’s YouTube. He has erased the majority of this early content and now displays the Dakotaz Fortnite content nearly exclusively. The bulk of this content can also be found on Twitch, making the Dakotaz Twitch channel the definitive place to catch his gameplay and content.

Dakotaz Fortnite competitive foray

Dakotaz’s Fortnite career hasn’t always been limited to streaming. In January 2018 he signed with TSM as a Fortnite player. However, at the beginning of 2019, exactly a year later, he left the team. In this period, he didn’t place anywhere notable in events and was primarily concerned with the Dakotaz Twitch channel.

Since leaving the team Dakotaz has played during in-game events and maintained his high standing in the streaming community but without making much of a dent in the competitive scene. He streamed on the Dakotaz Twitch channel during the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers but failed to qualify.

This brief foray into competitive Fortnite might be over, but it has given him connections to other high-level players. He regularly collaborates with some of the most talented Fortnite players out there and other streamers.

Dakotaz face

Not every streamer likes to be on camera. Some of then like their image to command as much attention as the game itself, but Dakotaz is a little shyer than this. Most of his Twitch streams present unadulterated gameplay, with little opportunity to catch Dakota’s face.


© Dakotaz

His YouTube channel similarly mainly features gameplay videos now. However, this wasn’t always the case. There isn’t a dramatic Dakotaz face reveal but he also hasn’t spent too much time on camera himself. There are plenty of pictures of the streamer floating around. Most of these date back to his YouTube channel. Before the Dakotaz Twitch channel replaced those old videos he would occasionally appear in person. Dakota’s Fortnite play is focused entirely on the gameplay, but if you’re really curious about what he looks like there are some images around.

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