LoL streamer overview: who is TF Blade?

Ashkan Homayouni, more commonly known as “TF Blade” in game is one of the, if not the best players in North America outside of the professional scene. TF Blade is renowned for his amazing plays and mechanics in the top lane, mastering both Irelia and Akali, while occasionally dabbling in a few games of Jax. He has been a full-time streamer on ever since gaining notoriety for being the first player in North America to hit Challenger in season eight.

Recent performance

tf-blade-ashkan-homayouni-team-liquidTF Blade has maintained his position as North America’s best player according to the challenger leaderboard for numerous weeks, if not months, now keeping a steady 1250~ lp, 200 over the next trailing player at second place. While both of his main champions Irelia and Akali have been reworked, he has kept excellent mastery over these two picks and continues to dominate the North American challenger scene.

More recently, TF Blade has pushed for greater control of the challenger leaderboards, having gotten his second account to touch rank 2 for a while. This journey to take the top two spots in the challenger leaderboard was made into a series which can be viewed on his YouTube channel. Currently, the streamer is aiming to bring yet another account on the challenger leaderboard, announcing his desire to take out the three top spots.

Signing with Team Liquid

Judging by his very eccentric and hyper personality, it comes as no surprise that TF Blade has been signed to a streaming team. Team Liquid picked him up, announcing on the 11th of June that TF Blade would be one of their new partnered streamers. His ability to reach the top ranks while streaming and attracting a multitude of stream snipers without covering his minimap is a testament to his individual ability. While it is unlikely TF Blade will enter the pro scene with Team Liquid, or another team, if he fully concentrates on widening his champion pool, he will certainly get very far in professional play.

What’s next for TF Blade?

He is extremely underrated considering his entertaining personality and top level mechanics, it is most likely TF Blade will continue streaming and expanding his Youtube channel. While he might have a troll type personality, he possesses the undeniable skill.