Massive Akali rework – Champion rundown

As one of the oldest champions in the game having been released in 2010, Akali will be getting some much needed attention. While she is a strong champ filled with outplay potential, her pick and win rate has been pretty stale for quite a fair time, only a handful of Akali mains remaining.

akali rework

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Akali’s playstyle will stay as a stealthy assassin type champion, designed with quick burst damage to go in for the kill before escaping with a shroud / hidden type ability.

Passive: Assassin’s mark, damaging a champion with any ability creates a ring around the enemy. Moving towards the edge of the circle grants Akali additional movement speed, similarly, if Akali escape the circle, she gains a short burst of ms towards the enemy champion. This allows for some great kiting potential, dodging abilities outwards before easily re-engaging with the burst of movement.

  • Q: Five point strike, deals damage in a small cone in front of her. Enemies hit at the outer portion of the cone will be slowed. Note, if Akali has full energy when the Q is cast, she will heal for a proportion of the damage the ability deals.
  • W: Twilight Shroud, Akali’s shroud has been slightly changed, however, the main feel remains. A cloud of smoke is created, while inside, Akali cannot be targeted or hit by anything (including towers and abilities). Additionally, the smoke grants Akali bonus movement speed.
  • E: Shuriken Flip, throws a shuriken forward while Akali is moved back a short distance. The first enemy hit will be marked, the E can be reactivated while will place Akali in front of the target.
  • R: Perfect Execution, can be cast up to two times (not instant), first dash will deal physical damage and stun the target, while the second dash will deal magic damage (based of missing health). This ult provides an initial gap closer, while the second part will be used as a finisher. Perfect Execution confirms Riot desires Akali to be kept as a mixed damage champion.