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Kanazawa, Japan, wants to take over the esports world

Japan played an important role in the history of video games – for a very, very long time, the Asian country was the center of all things console-gaming. Sony, NintendoMore
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Bacon, Maple Syrup and… esports? Canada’s place in the esports world

Next to its southern neighbour, Canada seems like paradise for many, at least those that don’t mind lots and lots of snow. Indeed, Canada is well-known for several things, includingMore
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Esports pros are suing teams over contracts – Tfue sues Faze Clan

Athletes getting in squabbles with their teams aren’t news – footballers have been leaving or trying to leave their teams over disputes about their contracts for decades… and now itMore
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Artificial Intelligence in esports betting – Unikrn takes the leap

Popular esports betting provider Unikrn is now using artificial intelligence or AI in its betting services. This is to enable betting markets on a larger volume of live-streamed matches. WhereMore
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ESPN Collegiate Esports Championship ended in glory

The first ever ESPN Collegiate Esports Championship just ran its course in Houston Texas. The college-based competition featured 22 qualifying teams from 20 different school across the country. Five winnersMore
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Loot box Scandal Redoubt – will loot boxes be banned?

Spending money on microtransactions is a touchy subject. Fans opinions are split. While most gamers can agree that pay to win loot boxes are the equivalent of spitting in someone’sMore
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Pro-Gaming and Travel – Visa Hell

One of the best and worst things about participating in a pro sport of any sort is the travel. Yes, you get to see new places, experience new cultures andMore
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A delicious partnership – LA Valiant and KitKat!

Nestle-owned and Hershey-manufactured sweets company KitKat just launched their first esports initiative – they are now partnered with Overwatch League Team Los Angeles Valiant. As a matter of fact, theyMore
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Esports in the Sun – Spain and its place in the esports world

For most people not from Spain, the country is synonymous with lovely beaches and great summer holidays. Of course, that’s not all it has to offer – alongside wonderful sights,More
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GumGum’s bid to streamline esports sponsorship

Revenues from sponsorship make up a huge part of the income for esports organisations. In an industry that is thought to hit global revenues of $1.65 billion by 2021, $1.4More
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