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Zero Tolerance for Cheating in Esports? The Jarvis Case

The recent banning of Jarvis Khattri, a 17-year old Fortnite pro player sparked a huge discussion in the esports world. He was banned for life after uploading a video ofMore

Are Fortnite’s Bots a Problem? Ninja Made His Opinion Clear

Ninja’s regular Fortnite streams are usually one of the few places you can look for positivity about the game. Throughout Mechs, Ballers, and whatever else Epic throws out there, NinjaMore

Ninja thinks Fortnite Chapter 2 Updates need to happen more often

So far, Fortnite Chapter 2 has been pretty different. Alongside all of the new mechanics (with their new items such as the Mythic Goldfish), the new map, and the revampedMore

Mythic Goldfish: the Fortnite latest overpowered weapon

Fortnite Chapter 2 has brought an age-old JRPG trope to the Battle Royale genre. Specifically, the weird obsession with fishing. However, it has become clear that in Fortnite fishing isMore

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Is it a brand new game?

Fortnite has had its biggest change to date this week. After vanishing for a few days down a black hole, Fortnite Season 11 finally started. Except it isn’t actually FortniteMore
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The Chapter 2 of Fortnite brings an astronomical update

After disappearing at the end of season 10 entirely, Fortnite fans are now waiting for their beloved game to return. In a pretty gutsy move, the devs had an asteroidMore

The end is nigh: an Asteroid wipes out Fortnite

No, that doesn’t mean that the game is canceled – it just means that season 10 is over. In order to mark the end of this most recent season, EpicMore

Fortnite item trouble: loot or no loot?

Fortnite – the world’s most popular Battle Royale game is now in its tenth season, and it’s still going strong – at least according to some. Others have jumped shipMore
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Friday Fortnite Hiatus Explained

The organizer behind the popular Friday Fortnite, and Monday Minecraft, events has recently explained why the tournaments have taken a hiatus. We’ve also seen some more details about the difficulty ofMore

Fortnite Season 11 – Start Date, Content, and More

Fortnite Season 10 has recently been extended a week, now coming to an end on October 13th. This further extension of the season has only built anticipation for Fortnite SeasonMore
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