Falcons Esports crowned champions at PMPL Arabia Fall 2022

After a month-long season in the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Arabia Fall Split 2022, a champion has been crowned. Saudi Arabia’s Falcons Esports cruised through the competition to take a convincing first place in the grand finals. 

The PMPL Arabia was the first Pro League to begin in the fall season on June 20. After a three-week league stage, the top 16 teams advanced to the grand finals. The grand finals were played from July 21 to 23. 

Falcons Esports: Underdogs to Arabian champions

Coming into 2022, Falcons Esports was a team not many people had on their radar. While they had won the PUBG Mobile National Championship Saudi Arabia in 2021, their performance in the PMPLs last year was less than mediocre. The team finished in 12th and 13th places in the two seasons last year. 

Falcons Esports kicked off 2022 with a bang, though, winning the PMPL Qualifier. They performed extremely well in the spring season with a third-place finish and coupled that up with another third position in the Middle East and Africa Championship. 

While Falcons Esports were a team to look out for in the PMPL Arabia fall season, they couldn’t perform well in the league stage. They finished in 13th place. 

Falcons Esports completely turned their fortunes around in the finals, however. With 12 fourth-placed finishes from 18 matches, they dominated the lobby. At the end of the finals, they had 271 points, 80 clear of the second-placed R8 Esports. 

PMPL Arabia Fall Season 2022 Overall Standings

Here are the overall standings of the PMPL Arabia Fall Season. 

  1. Falcons Esports: 271 points
  2. R8 Esports: 191 points
  3. Geekay Esports: 159 points
  4. Nigma Galaxy: 158 points
  5. POWR Esports: 147 points
  6. Conqueror: 139 points
  7. Ooredoo Thunders: 126 points
  8. For Kurdistan: 123 points
  9. NASR Esports: 121 points
  10. Twisted Minds: 118 points
  11. RTG Esports: 110 points
  12. SkyRocket Esports:105 points
  13. The Only One Esports: 102 points
  14. Triple Esports: 102 points
  15. Major Pride: 96 points
  16. YaLLa Esports: 73 points

The bottom four teams who didn’t make it to the finals are as follows: 

  • 17th place: Team Ra’ad
  • 18th place: 90th Minute
  • 19th place: Vista Gaming 
  • 20th place: KURD12

What’s next after the PMPL Arabia Fall Season? 

The top 10 teams from here will now advance to the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) the Middle East and Africa Championship Fall. Furthermore, a team from Arabia should qualify for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022 as well. Tencent hasn’t revealed the qualification criteria yet, though. 

Last year, the sum of both seasons of the PMPL was used to determine the team that will represent the region in the PMGC. If the same method is followed, Falcons Esports will be the Arabian team in the PMGC 2022. 

The PMGC will happen from December 2021 to January 2022 with a prize money of $4 million on the line