A look at EternaLEnVy, DOTA2’s most infamous player

Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao is one of the most popular players in DOTA 2 pro scene, but always for the wrong reasons. Known for unjustifiably kicking teammates and his toxic behavior in the game, while also randomly expressing thankfulness to random strangers he meets in-game for carrying him. Let’s go over the career of the best Dota 2 carry player.

A look at EternaLEnVy, DOTA2’s most infamous player


Before EternaLEnVy became attained legend status in the Dota 2 Scene he played a plethora of other competitive titles. He started his MoBA career as many Dota Pros did, playing the original DotA under the name “Aisaka_Taiga”. Later on while HoN was still relevant he attained Rank 2 on the ladder. He played for DWi, a top tier HoN team at the time.

His Dota 2 career dates back to 2011, after supposedly dropping out of university to focus on his professional Dota 2 career. Since then he has been a member 15 different Dota 2 organizations, and a member of Cloud9 three times at different periods of his career.

Over the years, EE and EE- sama have become synonyms for EternaLEnVy and he has attained legendary status among the professional Dota 2 scene. The legacy so far is a blend of toxic and unfriendly to hyperdedicated and committed teammate. A mixed bag of characteristics creates a cloud of infamy around the Dota 2 pro player.

Looking Spicy!

While EE may have a historically unsuccessful pro career, it was nothing compared to the list of dramas he’s involved. One of the most reputable is called “Pizza Party”.

It all started back in 2018, when EE was captain in Fnatic. The team managed to qualify for the ESL One Katowice 2018 major, so they celebrated with a pizza party. But it was during the party when Fnatic told their offlaner Khoo “Ohaiyo” Chong Xin, that he needs to leave.

Turns out a close friend of EternalEnvy, UNIVERSE has already arrived in Malaysia before the team played the qualifier game. Ohaiyo would be replaced regardless the qualifiers’ outcome.

After thinking for these few days, I would like to talk about my feeling about how I got replaced by Universe. It is so…

Posted by Ohaiyo on Sunday, January 14, 2018


Besides that, EE is involved in another “pizza party” when he kicked Gunnar out of TEAMTEAM after they qualified for the Disneyland Major 2019. It was a saddening news when Gunnar said that his family even bought tickets to watch him live at Disneyland. What makes it worse is that EternalEnvy wasn’t on the active roster that qualified to the major. Yet, he held so much influence on the team to kick Gunnar. The incident sparked quite some hate and even Kyle, a caster, called EternalEnvy out during a tournament.

Appreciation Post

It was one of those days when EternalEnvy streams himself playing DOTA2. Matched into a high-skilled game, the hero he played, Storm Spirit, was effectively countered by his opponents. This led to him dying too many times and literally have no impact in the game. Just when the game seemed impossible to win, his teammate (who played Terrorblade) single-handedly carried him to victory.

To that, even the great EternalEnvy felt grateful for the player who carried him. He blurts out,
Thanks for the carry, I will remember this for the rest of my life.

To the Terrorblade player’s credit, despite being lower rank than EternalEnvy, his execution was absolutely on point. From saving EternalEnvy when he was in hot water to bravely man-fighting the enemy players, all went well thanks to his incredible decision-making. As quoted from EE, “he did everything kinda right”.

Downhill since 2014

EternaLEnVy has come a long way to get this well-known in his pro career. Back in 2014, he debuted in his first International, where he played for Cloud9 and racked a 5th place. It was at that time, when Cloud9 seemed like Western fans’ hope as the Chinese teams overwhelmed the International 2014, taking most top finishes. Despite the commendable performance, Cloud9 players never really stayed around. Eventually, after a year of disappointments, EternalEnvy left too.

He definitely had ups during his time at Team Secret. Winning the Winter 2016 major for instance. Unfortunately, when it finally come to The International 2016, the team got upset in their first round of playoffs. With the unexpected early elimination, EE once again left Team Secret.

Since then, the veteran did not accomplish anything worth bragging about. He joined multiple teams over the course of 3 years and never stayed longer than a year before announcing his leave.

Back to the Good Ol’ Days

Despite the controversial actions he did during all these years, hurting many people in the scene, EternalEnvy has always been hungry for success. His actions show the resolve that he has to sacrifice whatever to make it work. Unfortunately, change (especially on yourself) is never easy.

This year, EternalEnvy returns to his former team that made him the player he is today, Cloud9. Alongside with old friend Johan “pieliedie” Åström, the duo might just make NA DOTA great again.

Catch EE-sama in action at Beyond the Summit – Pro Series, this 10th April!

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