Fnatic & TNC Predator: Civil War

On the 1st of April 2020, aka April Fool’s Day, two major teams from the SEA region took it to their social medias to begin a ruse. While it was all fun and games initially, it took a serious turn when the teams involved other SEA teams to join their “civil war”.

Fnatic & TNC Predator: Civil War

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Missing an old friend

It all started after Fnatic posted a meme, showing that they miss TNC Predator as they weren’t invited to the ESL One Los Angeles 2020 online. TNC Predator did not get invited to the Regionals due to their failure to qualify for the Los Angeles major. The major which would have ended 2 weeks ago, was “postponed” indefinitely. While there’s no update on when the major would be held, ESL One announced the online league at the meantime.

Quick realization, someone's been missing on parties. 😢

Posted by Fnatic Dota on Thursday, April 2, 2020


After Fnatic’s post, TNC Predator responded with their own meme, taunting Fnatic’s DPC points in this season. Compared to TNC Predator which secured 5320 DPC points, Fnatic only have 400 points to brag about. Despite missing out on the third major, TNC Predator still holds the first place in DPC rankings. Needless to say, the brutal response to Fnatic’s sincere post definitely hit Fnatic hard and caused severe emotional trauma. As quoted from Redeye, “Brutal. Savage. Rekt.”

SEAvil war

With that, Fnatic responded with a new post, indicating “Friendship ended with TNC”. Fnatic also added that GeekFam is now their new best friend (check out the comments for other SEA teams’ comments). Anyways, the civil war between the two former friends continued for days. So here’s the fierce conversation between the two:

TNC: Goodbye, Fnatic.

Fnatic: taunts TNC for intentionally missing the third major and imagine losing with a two-time champion, Ana on your team.

TNC: Dear Fnatic, please win a major before talking smack.

Fnatic: It was a fluke! There were no tier-1 teams in the first major! TNC ARE FLUKE CHAMPIONS.

TNC: Let’s finish this Fnatic. Get into the lobby.

Good banter is important for the competitive mindset of players. We know TNC definitely needs a nudge after dropping out of ESL One.

The Audience Wins

The resounding winner of the “Civil War” is the audience however. The ruse worked and Fnatic and TNC Predator agreed to a show-match to settle the dispute.

You want it? We want it! Announcing the TNC Pro Team – Dota2 x Fnatic Dota SEA Showmatch! 🧡We hope you enjoyed the…

Posted by Fnatic Dota on Saturday, April 4, 2020


On April 18, Reverse Captain’s mode and a best of series will decide the ultimate winner of the Civil War.

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