Hamboigas wins the FTW Valorant Summer Showdown qualifiers

Valorant is still a relatively new game, and it hasn’t stopped attracting droves of fans, players and tournament organizers! In fact, so many have flocked to the game, that there are already emerging specialty tournaments. One of them is the FTW Summer Showdown, a women-only Valorant tournament hosted by Nerd Street Gamers.

The event is sponsored by Spectator Gaming, T1, and G Fuel and will feature the 8 best North American women-only teams. They will be competing for a prize pool of $10.000. But, before all that kicks off a qualifier had to happen to showcase the best up and coming female Valorant teams and determine the final  participant in the main event.

Hamboigas wins the FTW Valorant Summer Showdown qualifiers

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FTW Summer Showdown Qualifier

As Riot has started to support third party tournaments for Valorant, it’s no surprise that players from all over the world are chomping at the bit to take part. This event however is not supported by Valorant or Riot Games just yet. Seven of the eight teams were invited from among the ranks of the female Valorant pros and the last one earns a spot through a qualifier.

The qualifier was exclusive to all-female teams and took place on September 5th with team hamboigas winning the grand prize of 700$ and a slot at the FTW Summer Showdown. They were the winner out of 28 participating teams and not dropping a single map to their opponents. The two map final was against Sailor Scouts and was over in just two maps after hamboigas dominated on both Heaven and Split.

Hamboigas now earned their in next week’s main event. They will be joined by teams MAKJL, Zenith, Silhouette and GX3. The final three invitees are yet to be announced.

FTW Summer Showdown Main Event Format

The matches on the 12th will feature two groups of four engaging in a round robin group stage with the two best teams advancing to the playoffs. The playoffs stage will be in a single elimination bo3 bracket.

The event is organised by Nerd Street Gamers but a huge shoutout has to go to the GALorants Discord community for making everything run smoothly.

Back before the event kicked off, Paige Funk from Nerd Street Gamers stated.

“The hype for Valorant is so big across the entire industry, and it’s such a badass game, I think it’ll showcase some badass female talent.”

And based on the qualifier matches we have to agree with her sentiment. The badass female esports players are setting new highs through this event.

Finally, G Fuel isn’t just a sponsor here though, they are also fielding a team of their own! Five women ambassadors from the G Fuel brand are taking part in the competition. CEO of G Fuel, Cliff Morgan said:

“Spectacor Gaming and Nerd Street Gamers have been leading a powerful initiative to elevate women in gaming, and we’re honored to support their efforts as a partner of their first FTW tournament. We’re looking forward to a memorable event and milestone for women gamers.”

All the action is set to kick off next weekend exclusively on Twitch.tv/nerdstgamers. We are not yet sure if Valorant betting will be available for the event due to it not being supported by Riot Games. However, if you do find odds for the upcoming matches, keep your eyes on team MAJKL as the main contender.

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