ALGS EMEA Pro League Returns with New Schedule and Format

The Apex Legends Global Series has been a major success since it kicked off and the 2022 leg largely restarted earlier in March. However, a few regions didn’t get to re-join the action just yet. The ALGS EMEA Pro League didn’t return on March 12th, but we’ve just got details of how the Pro League will be returning. The format is seeing some changes to accommodate those delays.


ALGS EMEA Pro League Returns

The Europe, Middle East, and Africa, region of the game didn’t return with the ALGS on March 12th. The other regions started without them. Instead, after a number of rumors have been circulating recently. We’ve just gotten confirmation that the ALGS EMEA Pro League returns on March 23rd.

The Pro League will be returning but it’s getting some big changes to its format. The League will be attempting to fit into the runtime of the other regions. This means that it needs to be truncated to make up for lost time. This will try and get the region back on schedule for the event. In some places, teams in the region will be playing for six days in a row. Multiple competitive lobbies will be running at the exact same time.

This basically means that a lot of competitive action taking place at the same time. If you’re trying to watch the action through streams, you’re going to be spoiled for choice.

These rushed formats aren’t entirely new to the Apex Legends Global Series. The entire start was delayed because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which meant for some packed and busy weekends across the board for the ALGS.

New Schedule for the Apex Legends Global Series

The Apex Legends Global Series is coming back in EMEA on a different schedule than in the past. The timeline is going to be getting considerably more compacted with the new schedule. However, it should get the EMEA region back in line with the other Pro League. This will be a lot of help moving into the Split Two playoffs that were upcoming for this batch of games.

The Split Two playoffs don’t have a solid date in mind as of yet. The Split One event was originally supposed to be played as a LAN event. Eventually, it was made into a regional online event because of COVID restrictions. This event’s format is still a bit up in the air as the possibility of a LAN event in Europe isn’t fully clear yet.

The EMEA season’s return is a promising start for things getting back to normal with the ALGS. Although, there is a still a lot of unknowns about where the tournament is heading for its playoffs. The ALGS has been a fun tournament so far, but fans might be waiting for a bit more clarity on just where everything is headed.

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