Apex Legends Global Series Championship 2021 – Full Event Breakdown

The ALGS Championship is the premier event in Apex Legends esports. This year, the competition will take place online in five separate regional competitions that take place entirely online. 160 teams in total will compete for a shared prize pool of USD $1,000,000 across all regions.

We are finally going to see Apex Legends Betting return on offer with esports betting sites, for the biggest event of the season.

ALGS Championship

When is the ALGS Championship 2021?

The Apex Legends Global Series Championship is going to be held between May 22nd and June 13 2021. First up, Asia Pacific and South America will kick off the event between May 22-30, while Europe and  North America start their runs on June 1st. The finals across all five regions will be played on between 5th and 13th of June.

Watch Apex Legends Global Series Championship Live:

ALGS Championship 2021 Regions & Format

There were several ways to qualify for the Championship this season. All five regions (EMEA, NA, APAC South, APAC North and SA) had 10 teams qualifying via the Winter Circuit, while an additional 15 to 25 teams (varying per region) qualify entirely through ALGS points. Finally, a Last Chance Qualifier determined 4 or 5 additional competitor teams in each region.

By the end of it all, each region has either 20, 30 or 40 teams competing in a round-robin setup at the ALGS Championship. The points accumulated in this stage will send teams onward to the regional finals, which use the match point format. They prize money start getting handed out in the Regional Finals stage!

For a complete list of teams per region, check out the in-depth Liquipedia ALGS Championship 2021 Page. The regional team subdivision is illustrated in the table below:

ALGS RegionWinter CircuitLast Change QualifierALGS Points
North America10525
South America10416
APAC North10416
APAC South10416
Participants Total502298

Apex Legends Global Series Championship 2021 Schedule

Matches are set up to be played in long daily streams between May 22-June 13. The full schedule daily broadcast schedule is illustrated below.

ALGS Championship 2021 Schedule

ALGS Championship 2021 Betting

Outright betting markets are not yet available for this ALGS event. However, you can expect betting markets to open up during the Finals stage in each region. With five regions up for grabs, there should be plenty of outright esports betting odds available for your favorite team.

Once odds become available, check in with our Esports News section for specific picks and predictions on a daily basis.

Prize Money and winning the game

The lowest-paid region – South America – will still see the winner walk away with $42k, while the two highest-paying (and larger) regions – NA and EMEA – will award $102k each. Of course, not just the winner will receive a prize. The top 20 players of all regions will get a cash reward.

Additionally to the main prize money, the ‘Apex Predator’ will also get an additional bonus. In other words, the players with the most kills in the finals will get a few thousand extra. If multiple players are tied for the position, the money will be split between them equally.

Expect streams to go live at 6PM BST and 2PM PDT respectively, and you’ll be able to see the games on Twitch as well as YouTube. If you just want to catch the finals, you can do so on June 12th and 13th, at 4PM BST and 2PM PDT respectively.

Tune in so you don’t miss out!