Five teams to watch closely at the ALGS 2022 Championship

The ALGS 2022 Championship is just around the corner (July 7-10). With heavy hitters, such as TeamSoloMid, Team Liquid, or NRG in the tournament, here’s are the selection of teams to watch out for at ALGS 2022.

We are not just looking at the hottest favorites, but teams that may have an impact to the season and meta at large. The Apex Legends Global Series 2022 Championship is highly regarded as the biggest championship in Apex Legends Esports, and its prize pool of $2M speaks for itself.

The five teams below are listen in no particular order:

Apex Legends Global Series: 2022 Championship Qualified Teams


Quite the unusual move to kick off a top-five list without the favorites but Reignite deserves a spotlight even among them. The APAC South-based team is arguably the best team from their region, with an overwhelming dominance in points to boast about.

Although Apex Legends has a large following in the APAC region, APAC candidates often do not stand out. That changed after Reignite stunned the other regional rivals with a dominant showing at ALGS Split 2 Playoffs. While Reignite’s kill rate wasn’t their greatest selling point, they compensated for the lack of action with well-executed strategies to close the rounds cleanly.

Considering the ALGS 2022 is the second event to gather every region’s best to participate, it will be a treat to watch Reignite stand out among its rivals. After all, bet that Reignite’s opponents are aching to bring down the defending champ.

Team Liquid

A favorite even among the powerhouses of North America, Liquid’s line-up is reputable for its seasoned stack. However, their latest addition, Zachary “Gildersons” Dennis could be their key to winning ALGS 2022.

Since his arrival, Liquid soared past the leaderboard and continued to place second at ALGS Split 2 Playoffs. Frankly, Liquid looked sloppy in the early rounds but quickly regained their momentum to claim high kill rates. Hence, it’s no wonder fans are eager to watch the young wunderkind deliver exceptional results again.

Perhaps even bagging the ALGS 2022 Championship victory altogether.


TSM is yet another powerhouse with a less happy upbringing going into ALGS 2022 Championship. Despite winning big in the North American scene last season, Liquid and OpTic Gaming came out on top in the latest rankings.

Letting Liquid surpass them is acceptable, considering Liquid did just shock its competition and we could go a long shot by calling it a fluke. Hopefully, TSM is looking to redeem themselves after their unimpressive sixth-place finish at ALGS Split 2 Playoffs. In TSM’s defense, TSM’s point margin against OpTic, Luminosity Gaming, and NRG is relatively ignorable, so it’s certainly not too shabby.



NRG is also in the same scenario with TSM, when things at ALGS Split 2 Playoffs get wildly competitive. After all, loyal fans will know that NRG is a reliable team to support, and opponents are wary of too.

One exceptional player is Nathan “Nafen” Nguyen, who is infamously known for his calm yet collective stance. He clutches crucial match point moments like it’s a routine, even when his house is on fire.

Jokes aside, NRG might actually be coming into the ALGS 2022 Championship as an underdog for a change. Considering the many new heavy hitters stealing the spotlight at the championship. Anyhow, all eyes are on Nafen to outperform its rivals, especially at such a young age.

BAKAGAKI (formerly GameWith)

The list of seasoned teams is certainly not limited to Cloud9, Luminosity, OpTic, Team UNITE, and even Team Empire. However, considering the recent surge in wild card candidates, it could be insightful to consider them as new threats at ALGS 2022.

A good example is BAKAGAKI, formerly known as GameWith. The Japanese team dominates the APAC North, and garnered attention for giving its opponents a run for their money. Particularly, at the Split 2 Playoffs, they swept the floor against Liquid and NRG but ultimately lost to Reignite in the first round.

Regardless, it’s a promising indicator of what BAKAGAKI could potentially deliver, now that they had the opportunity to study these staples.

The ALGS 2022 Championship will also be a thrilling fiesta for Apex Legends Betting fans as we watch the top teams across the globe compete for million-dollar stakes.