Underdog teams to watch closely at the ALGS: Championship 2022

The Apex Legends Global Series(ALGS) has reached the final stage (Championship). With the group stage and all teams officially announced, people are pumped for the event. The Apex Legends Global Series: Championship will begin on the 7th of July with the group stages.

While most fans are quite excited to see most of the top ALGS teams play together on LAN. There are a few teams which have the tag of underdogs due to their playing. We will be taking a look into a few of them, and you definitely should too.

ALGS Championship Underdogs

For7 should definitely be on your radar

CS Entertainment owns the Japanese esports organisation FOR7. FOR7 is an acronym for the seven virtues of victory, love, friendship, bravery, and passion. They are a team whose origin is from Japan and APAC region. Currently, their roster consists of :

  • Heegak(Leader/IGL)
  • Juna
  • SangJoon

Within the ALGS: 2022 Split 2 Pro League – APAC North Event, the team secured the 7th position while earning a total of $6,000 and finished 19th in the recent ALGS: 2022 Split 2 Playoffs. The team while not having the best form as of yet have been quite the surprise with their offensive style of play. Due to this, they have gotten a small amount of recognition. In the Championship they are in Group D with the likes of teams such as Optic and TSM. Only time will state if they can make a run into the top 10 of their group to qualify into the winner’s bracket. The expected position for their team this tournament is 8th.

Apex Legends For7

For7 Roster

Reignite – yet another Japanese team to watch

Reignite is a Japan-based Apex Legends team who had recently won the Apex Legends Split 2 Championship. While doing so they did lay a mark in the scene uprising to become one of the favourites to win the championship. Due to their direct and composed style of play the team has been able to secure quite a few top 10 finishes in major A-tier tournaments.

Back in 2021, the team had quite the slump form due to which they could only come on the top 2  4 times in 12 tournaments towards the end of the year. The current roster including the stand-ins is as follows:

  • Genburten
  • Zer0
  • Sharky
  • Tempplex (Captain/IGL)
  • Jmw

The expected maximum placement for their team this tournament is in 4th.

Alliance is taking names this season

Jonathan “Loda” Berg, Kelly Ong Xiao Wei, and Henrik “AdmiralBulldog” Ahnberg are the current co-owners and managers of Alliance, a gaming company with a Swedish base that was established in April 2013. In the recent ALGS: 2022 Split 2 Playoffs the team finished in the top 10 ranking in the 9th position. The team has been known to have a very calm and composed playing style while being able to sneak their way to wins. Their last first rank was back in March in the Proving Grounds: Season 4 – Qualifier #4 but finished 11th in the finals. Currently, their team also consists of Jasper Jacob who works as an analyst for the team Currently their roster consists of:

  • Vaifs
  • Hakis (In-Game Leader/Captain)
  • Yuki
  • Badoli ( Stand-in)
  • Nitrahh ( Stand-in)
  • hAKIS ( Stand-in)

Their potential best finish in the tournament is 6th, while being able to creep in the top 5 if they can keep their composure intact.

One should note that the 20 surviving teams will fight to utilise the Match Point format in the championship Finals for 2022. The 10 teams who advance from the winner’s bracket would be seeded based on their standing there. They will begin the Finals with advanced starting points. Only time will state who will be suited the best due to this style of format and win $500,000