Best LC10 Warzone Loadout

With Call of Duty: Warzone Season Three well and truly underway, there has been many weapons that have impressed players. From no recoil AR’s such as the FFAR and FARA 83, to the laser like MP40 and PPSH-41 SMG’S, we have created loadouts for a variety of weapons. With no clear meta in place for Warzone, any weapon with the correct attachments and perks can help achieve great results. For this guide we are covering the incredibly precise LC10 with our very best LC10 Warzone Loadout.

For this loadout we are covering the incredibly precise LC10. The weapon itself has a great base version. With a high fire rate, above average damage, and good control stats, it is certainly a strong weapon. With many Warzone tournaments coming up soon, this could be a weapon that makes more of a showing in coming weeks.

Get Levelled Up

In any weapon loadout we create, we understand that a max level weapon is needed. This will enable you to select any attachment available. Due to it being a Cold War weapon, the maximum level is 55. This method should help you reach max rank in roughly 3-3 ½ hours. We heavily recommend using the contract method on Rebirth Island, as Cold War multiplayer and Caldera produce less gunfights.


Before you jump in, equip any double XP tokens you may have, as this quickens up the entire process. Next, ensure you have Double Time, Point Man and Combat Scout perks equipped. You will be able to track enemies in fights as you tag them and have increased mobility to boot. Point Man is also essential, as you will be collecting contracts. With this perk you receive additional XP bonuses per each contract completed.

Now drop into a game of Rebirth and immediately collect supply run contracts. These are the easiest to complete, and with having increased mobility you should be able to complete many of these. As soon as you unlock the loadout, try to avoid skirmishes, but if you are confident, take bounty contracts as these will reward more. After some time you will reach max rank, so exit and then assemble the loadout below.

Attachments and Perks

Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
Barrel:13.9” Task Force
Stock:Raider Stock
Rear GripSerpent Wrap
Magazine:Salvo 52 Round Fast Mag
Class Perks:Double Time, Ghost, Combat Scout
Lethal:Throwing Knife
Tactical:Stun Grenade

How each Attachment and Perk works together

Our goal was to create a loadout which enables you to turn on enemies and have the highest rate of mobility available. Our Muzzle choice grants higher bullet velocity and more accuracy. Combined with the Barrel and Stock you will have increased mobility and a better hip to fire time. The Serpent Grip will compliment all stats, which now rounds of a highly accurate, high damage quick reflex LC10.

Double Time will keep your sprint time up, Ghost enables you to stay off the radar, and Scout allows you to track wounded enemies. In close battles the knife can finish enemies, which saves you ammunition, and the stuns will give you a huge advantage in tight moments.

Recommended Playstyle

Now that you have the attachments, perks, and a full loadout guide, take it onto the battlefield. Before you do that, we have found this loadout excels on Rebirth Island, due to the LC10’s effectiveness from close to medium range. If you want to play Caldera, using an Overkill perk and Sniper combination instead of Ghost is a great option. This will support you with those longer ranged duels.

For this guides sake, we heavily recommend Rebirth. Try to gain your loadout quickly by completing supply run contracts as soon as you jump in. This avoids waiting for a drop. Next, both Bioweapons and Security are great areas to be in, as it limits the number of angles you can be flanked with. After this, you should have a solid amount of cash, so go and buy streaks. Finally, once you are prepared go and take some fights.

Remember, with our best LC10 Warzone loadout, you can take fights from a medium range, as the bullet velocity is increased and you have virtually no recoil. Be patient and try to avoid fights that are out in the open. If you deploy a steady pace, you will find yourself, and or your team at the end most times.