How Does the Warzone 2.0 Battle Pass Work?

On the 16th of November, the first ‘season’ of Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 went live. It brought with it an all-new battle pass, and it was like nothing we’d ever seen before in the Call of Duty franchise. It’s similar to the Fortnite battle pass, but that ultimately means nothing if you’re not familiar with that one, either. If you’re confused as to how the Warzone 2.0 battle pass works, read on through this guide, as we’ve broken it down, step-by-step.

For some players, the consensus is that Activision and its sub-studios poured too much time and energy into changing things for the sake of changing things. While the new battle pass structure is different, it wasn’t necessarily ‘asked for’ by the community. It’s a drastic change from the linear levelling system that existed before, and there’s technically nothing wrong with it, but it’s just added complexity to a platform that players are already learning as it is.

So, here’s how the Warzone 2.0 battle pass works.

The Warzone 2.0 Battle Pass Offers You A Choice

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Image Credit: Call of Duty Warzone 2.0

From the moment you open up the battle pass, you’ll notice a serious difference in how it works. This isn’t a simple linear list that takes you from 1 to 100, but instead, it’s a zone-based structure that allows you to level up in a path that suits what you’re seeking most in the battle pass. Firstly, you’ll need to unlock battle tokens by playing either DMZ, Warzone 2.0, or Modern Warfare II. These tokens then allow you to unlock items within any given ‘sector’ on the battle pass.

This is where the Warzone 2.0 battle pass essentially mimics the Fortnite battle pass. Each sector contains four ‘low-tier’ rewards and one main reward, and a player must unlock the first four rewards before they can take the biggest prize from that sector. With the zoning format, players can now make their way more or less directly to the specific reward they want, opting to skip areas entirely or come back for them later on.

So, if you wanted the Victus XMR, for example, you could bridge up from A0 to A1, then A2, A4, and finally A7. It’s a little complex, but it’s far from being the worst thing about Modern Warfare II, which launched in a relatively broken state, unfortunately.

Is The New Warzone 2.0 Battle Pass Worth It?

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Image Credit: Call of Duty Warzone 2.0

There are three different ‘tiers’ to the new Warzone 2.0 battle pass (and by extension, the Modern Warfare II battle pass – it’s the same thing, after all).

These tiers are increasingly expensive, but they offer more rewards as you climb that ladder. For instance, the highest tier offers players everything that the lowest and middle tiers do, but it comes with more ‘tier skips’. This gives players the ability to instantly jump up through the ranks, unlocking as much content as possible as quickly as possible. Every few weeks, a new Warzone 2.0 battle pass will be released, bringing with it an entirely new journey and an all-new price tag.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are free rewards in the battle pass – you don’t need to pay real-world money to unlock everything. And, as in previous iterations of the game, there are technically enough COD Points in each battle pass to instantly purchase the next battle pass when it drops.

If you play it right and don’t spend those COD Points, then one battle pass can ultimately last you forever.

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