Having a crypto wallet that offers both security and utility is very important. You do not want to lose your crypto, and you also want to have the ability to trade with others safely. WAX wallet kind of hits both of those marks, and it is a perfect wallet. It has boomed in popularity due to its utility, as you can use it to purchase all kinds of NFTs from various crypto games.

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History of WAX

Nothing fits better to start things off with a bit of history. It was founded in 2017 by William E. Quigley, John Brechisci Junior, and Jonathan Yantis. If these names already sound familiar, you guessed it; they are the same people that created the OPSkins, which was the largest online marketplace for in-game goods. On that platform, you could trade items from CS:GO, PUBG, KoTK, and many others.

WAX also had two token sales for its native cryptocurrency, WAXP. The first sale was in October 2017, and it was selling $520 million WAXP tokens to investors and public participants, and they managed to raise $45.5 million. The second one was in November of the same year, and a public ICO was held that sold 136.9 million WAXP tokens. It raised another $9.6 million for WAX blockchain’s development.

What exactly is WAX?

It is an abbreviation, as the whole meaning of WAX is Worldwide Asset eXchange. It operates as a decentralized blockchain platform that gives users access to a transparent, trustworthy, and widely accessible marketplace for digital goods, including non-fungible tokens(NFTs).

Since NFTs can range from anything like video games to collectibles within those video games to memorabilia or rare trading cards, WAX crypto wallet users have the opportunity to use all of those goods in their trades. You might think that there are other places where this is possible, and while that is true, there is a catch to it.

Because NFTs have become so popular, finding a place where they are what they actually are can be tricky. On WAX, NFTs are authenticated on the blockchain they come from, which is surprisingly not what all platforms that support NFT trading do…or even know how to do it.

One exciting thing about WAX is its take on quality over quantity, as it strives to import as many unique NFTs to its platform as possible. There have been cases where entire collections were cold in a matter of minutes due to their rarity and the interest they created from the users, which says that WAX knows what they are doing.

Due to its incredible growth, WAX partnered with some of the biggest names in the world of crypto. Some of those partnerships include:

  • Deadmau5
  • Topps
  • William Shatner
  • Atari
  • Street Fighter


What features does WAX wallet have?

The first thing that many would notice when using the WAX cloud wallet is that the user-friendly interface is always a plus. You can easily see all of the NFTs that you own, and you can also browse through many decentralized applications built on the platform.

Something that a lot of people enjoy with WAX is just how easy it is to get into the platform, which we do not know how to feel about. You can easily register for a new account by logging in through a different platform such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, STEAM, Discord, Reddit, and a couple of other social media options. While this looks pretty nice, it is also worrying since getting hacked seems easier than on other crypto wallets.

Checking out the features yourself is probably to do by yourself by creating a wax.io wallet. It will probably be the most efficient way to see if you enjoy the interface and its features.

What games is WAX wallet compatible with?

While checking out the features is best done by yourself, knowing what games are compatible with the platform might be something you are interested in before you go and create an account. After all, doing so would be a waste of time if you could not use the wallet for the NFT game you are interested in. We are only going to list some of the popular games, but since WAX is one of the best crypto wallets for gaming, you can expect many other titles be compatible.

Alien Worlds

One of the biggest games on the WAX blockchain has to be Alien Worlds. As the name suggests, this is a game that takes place in space, and it is a play to earn game. By spending time playing Alien Worlds, you can easily take advantage of the wax wallet NFT compatibility by filling it up with various items and in-game goods.


Card games have always been the highlight of NFT games, and Splinterlands is no different. The game is so competitive that it has an esports scene around it. It can be quite hard for people to get into esports crypto games, as they usually require you to have a thick wallet. Still, Splinterlands is very budget-friendly, allowing you to invest in the game and quickly gain profit if you are good at the game.

WAX Arena

We know the name of this one is very original, right? Jokes aside, this game is fantastic and a bit addictive. It is a card game with three different modes: PVP, PVE, and the challenge mode. Everyone will agree with just how aesthetically pleasing some of the card illustrations are, which should be enough for you to check out this game.


If you are looking for a space game that has that Pokémon NFT vibe to it, then this is the game you should check out. This game is unique because it is both a crypto game and a Binance Smart Chain. It uses the $STARSHIP token, but you can mine $KYANITE in the game, making it play-to-earn


In this NFT game, you control and customize your starship, and the goal is to make it as best as possible by opening packs of NFT cards and using them to optimize your starships in local space stations. It is quite a neat game, and while we personally like Alien Worlds more, this one might be your cup of tea instead.