LEC Summer Playoffs – MSF vs FNC – Will the Plot Armor Continue?

After what was an insane series against XL, FNC will face MSF in Round 2 of the LEC Summer Playoffs for the last place at Worlds. Will FNC make it or will MSF represent EU in their last split? Let’s find out in our Preview.

MSF vs FNC – LEC Summer Playoffs – Friday 18:00 CET

Fnatic was on the verge of being eliminated in the first round of losers’ bracket, but Wunder’s insane play with Razork on Patrik turned game 3 in their favor and started the comeback for Fnatic. With that, they completed an unexpected reverse sweep on XL, winning the series 3-2.

Just like at the end of the regular split, Fnatic seems to be clutching all the moments when it’s really needed. Their plot armor is getting thicker and thicker, which increases the excitement for this series. In fact, Misfits were the ones who gave Fnatic the possibility to get into playoffs but also relegated them to the losers’ bracket. In less than 3 weeks, the teams will play each other yet again for the 3rd match.


Image Credits | LEC

What’s positive about Fnatic is how Razork and Wunder stepped up in that series. Both players’ contribution to the comeback was so high that now it will be bizarre to see them not replicate that against Misfits. With Upset always being the constant for Fnatic, it’s getting harder and harder not to believe in Fnatic’s miracle run.

With that being said, MSF has a lot of cards in their arsenal that they can play. Although he got outclassed in the G2 series, Vetheo is always there to make great plays and I believe he will outperform Humanoid in the mid lane. Not only that but Neon has improved significantly over the course of the split, becoming the late game carry that this meta requires. Zanzarah’s special champion pool is actually super good for the current meta so it will ultimately come down to how well the two teams play.

Predictions and Odds

Misfits are quite good at making proactive plays and looking to make picks. Whether it’s with the Ahri, Sejuani or Skarner, they are always ready to pull the trigger if they see the opening. I have some doubts that Fnatic can be as good in the early game execution so Razork’s proximity relative to Zanzarah’s will be crucial for the outcome of the series. Poppy will likely be taken away and Trundle will have a huge value considering he counts most of the jungle champion pool.

Aside from that, Sivir, Lucian and Zeri will be on the priority list, followed by Kalista. As for mid-lane and top, picks like Azir, Ahri, Renekton and Ornn will be the most contested ones. Both teams play the meta champions but draft in two different ways: make sure to watch the champion select before making your LEC bets.

Overall, I’m expecting the series to go to silver scrapes once again. It’s really hard to make a call on who will win, but the Fnatic plot armor is getting so thick that it would be weird if it stops here. Anyway, we have huge opportunities in this series, all to our benefit. You can check out other super interesting bets below, offered by GG.bet as usual:

  • Winner: Fnatic (1.64x)
  • Total Maps: over 4.5 (2.7x)
  • Correct Map score: FNC 3-2 MSF (4.61x)
  • First Blood: Fnatic (1.76x)
  • Race to 10 kills: Fnatic (1.8x)
  • Total kills: over 25.5 (1.7x)
  • Total dragons slain: over 4.5 (1.53x)
  • Fnatic total kills: over 13.5 (1.74x)
  • Total towers: under 11.5 (2.33x)