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„[Staff Writer] Samwell Fawcett was raised playing classics like Sonic the Hedgehog, Madden NFL and Grand Theft Auto. Since then he has covered all top esports developments ranging from the latest CSGO action to the growth of the Overwatch League. Samwell currently covers major weekly news stories for“

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North Esports teams up with Pinnacle

North are well-known as being one of the top 10 Counter Strike teams in the world, and they have just announced an 18-month partnership deal with the betting brand, Pinnacle.More
Esports Industry

GumGum’s bid to streamline esports sponsorship

Revenues from sponsorship make up a huge part of the income for esports organisations. In an industry that is thought to hit global revenues of $1.65 billion by 2021, $1.4More
Esports Industry

Sony plans to boost the esports spectator experience through VR

Sony have recently filed a patent that aims to use virtual reality to boost our enjoyment of watching esports tournaments. The project would see an array of virtual reality camerasMore
Esports Industry

Will Smith invests in the future of Gen.G esports

The hip hop artist and movie star Will Smith is set to help esports become a world beater. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air actor has been part of aMore
Esports Industry

Chipotle teams up with the world’s biggest esports tournaments

All gamers will know that tacos and burritos make for some of the food best-suited to staying fully fuelled when gaming. Now Mexican food and esports are looking to haveMore
Esports Industry

GAMURS Group launch their GamerAI beta for Dota2 and LoL players

The Australian esports company, GAMURS Group, have just announced that their innovative artificial intelligence software will now be made available to help players of League of Legends and Dota 2More
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Could the Wormhole app supercharge your enjoyment of esports?

Over the past few years, there has been no shortage of incredible software that helps you get much closer to your favourite esports tournaments. Whilst the achievements of Twitch’s liveMore
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Charlotte Hornets come to the NBA2K League, season 2020

The 2020 season of the NBA2K League can look forward to welcoming its 22nd team when Charlotte Hornets join the fray. The announcement was made earlier this week and itMore
Esports Industry

Esports Mogul teams up with Melbourne Melee

Melbourne Melee is well known as being one of Australia’s leading esports communities for the Super Smash Bros title, and it is going to be getting a helping hand fromMore
Esports Industry

GameStop unveil their esports ambitions

GameStop are well known as being a global leader in the video gaming retail market. But the Texas-based brand have recently made moves to enter the hugely profitable world ofMore