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When it comes to Dota 2 tournaments, the International is about as big as it gets, it’s even one of the biggest overall esports tournaments. So if you’re looking at Dota 2 betting then betting on the International is one of the biggest opportunities of the year. The best Dota 2 International odds can help you get even more out of your bets.

Several teams earned direct invites, and qualifications have already been held regionally to find the top international teams. However, the event itself consists of quite a lot of matches between these finalists. There’s a group stage to face before we reach the conclusion. These are the International odds to watch for when you’re betting on this Dota 2 tournament.

The International Odds


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Outrights and Single Bets

The simplest type of betting here is going to be outright winners and single bets. This is just picking out of your winner for each individual match. For these bets, it pays off to know about the dynamic of the entire group that a team is in. Just because a team is not the best in the tournament, it doesn’t mean they won’t have great Dota 2 International odds if they’re up against a real underdog.

In terms of outrights here, the options are going to depend on which esports bookmaker you go for. Some will offer betting on the eventual results of a groups stage, such as which team you can expect to finish at the top of their group. However, others will only offer individual matches. There are also opportunities here for Dota2 TI11 Fantasy teams and betting. These are some of the best opportunities when looking at the International odds for this part of the event:

Accumulator Bets

If you’re looking at betting on the group stages, then you’re not just limited to who wins individual matches. Accumulator bets allow you to stake a wager on multiple outcomes, which can seriously increase the odds and your payouts. Accumulators can be tricky to put together though, one wrong guess will usually ruin the entire thing. It’s helpful to look for the best sets of accumulators at an event.

*We will provide the best odds for select accumulator bet slips in our The International 2022 Daily Odds & Team Performance article.

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The International 11 Special Bets Odds

The special bets selection consist of valuable exotics with select TI11 odds you can pick out ahead or during the event. We have selected three potential special bets for your consideration:

Bet #1: The International 11 Specials
Market: Fewest Deaths in a Map
Selection: PSG.LGD
Odds: 7 @ Betway

Bet #2: Future – Dota 2 – The International
Market: Highest GPM in a Map
Selection: SumaiL
Odds: 16.230 @ Pinnacle

Bet #3: TI11 Outrights
Market: Top SEA Team
Selection: BOOM Esports
Odds: 2.63 @ GG.BET

Bet #4: The International Hero Specials
Market: Most Picked – Dota 2 – The International
Vengeful Spirit
Odds: 4.50 @ Bet365

The International Odds – The Finals

Once the group stage is completed for the Dota 2 International, the winning teams move on through to the final stage. This is where a complete winner is going to be crowned. In this section, teams are placed into a bracket, sixteen in total. The top finishing players get to move through an upper bracket, and those on the bottom compete in the lower. Matches progress until a winner is found from each bracket. Those in the top are given a second chance in the lower after a loss.

The finals are tricky to predict further out from the event, since it isn’t even clear who will make it into which side of the event. However, looking at the odds for individual teams there are a few ways we can go with this that can be educated guesses.

The main market for betting on the finals is going to be for the overall winner. However, there will be good odds that pop up for individual matches once each match-up takes shape.