Locodoco kicked off GG


Sources have revealed that Yoonsup Choi, aka Locodoco, has recently had his contract terminated due to inappropriate remarks. The former Golden Guardians head coach allegedly made an off the camera remark regarding a female Rioter before going to an LCS live interview.

All three parties, the Golden Guardians, Locodoco and Riot has yet to comment or verify the specifics of the incident. However, it has been confirmed Locodoco will no longer hold his position as Head Coach for the Golden Guardians. This news was quickly released through the Golden Guardians’ official twitter account, stating Locodoco has been ‘relieved’ of his duties. Taking Choi’s place will be Tyler Perron, the team’s assistant coach. It is likely GG will look for a new head coach in the coming weeks while accessing Perron’s performance.

Locodoco kicked off GG

Locodoco is no stranger to messing up off stream, on stream or even the time where he live streamed something… fairly disturbing thinking he turned off twitch. While this incident is unlikely to end his career, of course unless the involved parties come out and create a big commotion, Loco will likely return to the LCK / LMS scene to coach as he waits for the incident to blow over.

Kikis explains why he’s not in the LCS

Kikis has addressed fans in a YouTube video explaining why he is currently out of the LCS scene. As most know, Kikis is one of the top tier players in the EU LCS having been on team like the Unicorns of Love, G2 Esports and Fnatic. However, he was unable to sign with an LCS team this 2018 Spring Split, instead forming his own team with ‘Selfish’.

Kikis explains why he’s not in the LCS

He first refutes rumours he is too poor to contract with any LCS team, stating he had received numerous offers from various teams. However, Kikis explains one of these offers were considerably better over the rest. On top of this, one of his friends on the team led him on to believe he would likely be signed, thus he chose to keep the other offers on hold. Unfortunately, he was not offered a position, and by that time, the other teams had already recruited other members which filled his positions.

Kikis is now competitive in the Polish competitive League of Legends scene. He hopes his team can become a success to attract more sponsored and hopefully grab a position in the upcoming EU LCS league system. It is unlikely Kikis will return to the LCS for the remainder of 2018 as focuses on the success of his Polish squad.


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