10 CS:GO streamers you’ve got to watch

As one of the most popular shooter games in the world, CS:GO has a huge viewer base for both competitive events and casual livestreaming and gameplay. To meet the love for the game, there are countless streamers on the popular live streaming website, Twitch.

This post will cover both pro and casual streams, so you’ll know who to look out for, regardless of whether you’re there for some relaxing entertainment or want to learn from the best.


As a semi-retired professional player, there is no surprise summit1g is a great choice. His high skill level, in combination with his extremely easy going personality, makes summit1g one of the top CS:GO streamers. While he does not strictly stick to CS:GO, when he decides to hop on, it is not only great to watch, but the chat activity is 10/10.

SUMMIT1G TOP 10 CSGO STREAMERS esports www.twitch.tv/summit1g


s1mple is currently regarded as one of the most skilled professional players in the competitive scene, having joined Natus Vincere early August last year.

Catching the Ukrainian’s stream will certainly help you improve as you take on the eyes of a pro. He doesn’t stream every day as he has obligations to his team, but s1mple does stream for long hours on his off days.

s1mple csgo top

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev | Photo Credit: HLTV.org


Anomaly is more well-known on YouTube, having over 1,900,000 subscribers. He does frequently appear on Twitch, too. He plays a variety of games but his CS:GO skill remains, along with his top tier Global Elite rank. Anomaly’s personality is also very welcoming and he embodies the belief that one doesn’t have to be fully engrossed in the game to rise up the ranks. Of course, his unboxing streams / videos are THE BEST.

fl0m csgo top

Erik “fl0m” Flom


You’ve got to love fl0m, Erik “fl0m” Flom, an American Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player; not only does his stream show good gameplay, but he frequently interacts with his Twitch chat.

Often playing with his group of friends, the banter you can catch in fl0m’s channel is top tier.

Find him on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/fl0m


The American professional player recently left team GX after returning to the scene from a near 2 year break. On average he streams two to three times every week, mostly playing CS:GO with the odd game of PUBG.

dazed csgo pubg GODAZED

DaZeD occasionally explains the reasoning behind how he plays, educating and helping to improve his audience’s CS:GO skills.


As a CS:GO veteran, m0E has a solid fan base. He streams CS:GO daily. He’ll often play casually, but when m0E gets competitive, things really start to heat up. It’s during these moments that he can be seen to make some of the best plays you’ll ever see.

m0E csgo streamer www.twitch.tv/m0e_t


Shroud is certainly loved by all, not only for his top-tier skills but friendly and humble personality.

He had formerly played for various organisations, most notably compLexity and Cloud9. While Shroud recently retired from the competitive scene August this year, shroud remains on C9 as a streamer.

shroud csgo www.twitch.tv/shroud


If you want to improve, you’ve got to catch Stewie2K with his highly educational stream.

The streamer frequently interacts with chat, responds to questions and teaches his audience how to rise up the ranks.

Stewie2K-csgo-streamer www.twitch.tv/stewie2k


As one of the CS 1.6 veterans, he continues to play competitively while managing to upkeep his stream. His skill is unquestionable, however, the stream has a fun, troll-ee atmosphere so it’s always great to watch.

hiko top streamer www.twitch.tv/hiko


One of the most dedicated and active streamers around, JasonR is undoubtedly a streamer you’ve got to follow.

He comes online daily for almost 10 hours a session, maintaining energetic and informative content throughout.


jasonr csgo streaming


Who are your favorite CS:GO streamers?

Are any in this list your go-to place on Twitch and YouTube, or do you look elsewhere?

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