AimLab is shaking up the FPS world with Valorant and R6 specific content

Historically, to get better at a specific game, you needed to play it more. This means you need to wait in queues, deal with bad team-mates, and get maps you don’t want to practice. All of this slows you down from actually practicing your aim or your approach to certain points.

Enter Aimlab, a single-player aim training arena where you can spend as much time as you want practicing your aim, checking corners, and peeking angles like a pro. While raw talent and communication skills can transfer between games, it’s surprising how two different first person shooters can feel.

Aware of this, Aimlab have designed modes that mimic popular shooters like Rainbow Six: Siege and Valorant as of the 29th of April. These modes have identical guns, recoil patterns, player movement, and maps – minus the textures. Giving you a stripped down in-game experience solely focused on aim practice.

The Aimlab experience

Aimlab includes target dummies for you to practice your aim. Some move to let you practice tracking, others flash in and out to train your flicks and reactions. There are also runs where targets are hidden in common lurk spots, letting you practice your approach to a point and how best to clear it effectively.

Another key feature in Aimlab’s arsenal is gameplay analytics. You can get after-action reports covering how efficient you are at certain aim challenges. These analytics can help you discover minor issues with your aim, letting you know where to target your practice. Overall, the program is a pretty incredible way to improve your aim and it’s gaining traction fast.

Fans on social media are singing its praises and it seems to be really making a difference for FPS players – especially now that AimLab has added its special Valorant mode. The new FPS is still rising rapidly in popularity and fans are eager to ‘git gud’.

Yay or nay?

Of course, not all reactions are positive ones. In fact, quite a few people also think Aimlab is doing the opposite of its intended goal – hurting people’s learning curves and reducing skill increases. There is some truth to it of course as everyone trains differently, and different players will get different benefits (or not) from practicing a certain way.

While it’s impossible to say exactly how Aimlab impacts players and their experience, their work for Rainbow Six Siege isn’t just a copy or some kind of imitation – they are actively partnered with the game’s creators as their official training centre. This includes Siege-specific tasks, the Clubjouse map, and more realistic physics that match what you experience in R6.

Aimlab is also partnered with some players and streamers you may well have heard of – how about Aceu, Femsteph, DDK or KingGeorge? They and others like Fl0m and Lululuvely are all official partners of Aimlab.

The latest Aimlab Valorant and R6 additions are just a small new addition to how impactful this app is for players. Our office seems to be enjoying it, with a monthly high score competition posted on the whiteboard.