ALGS Pro League Split 2 finally gets rolling across most regions

The wait is finally over. Apex Legends action will return this week with Apex Legends Pro League Split 2 matches as ALGS officials announced on Twitter. The occasion will continue for North America, South America, and APAC North & APAC South.

EMEA competitions will remain paused until further notice due to the conflict in Ukraine. On February 25, the administration of ALGS announced that they put all the action on hold:

“In light of the events unfolding in Ukraine, we are pausing all ALGS competition. We will provide an update for when tournaments will resume as soon as we can.” they said. Now, the event returns after the two week break.

ALGS Pro League Split 2 will feature 200 teams across five different regions. Starting on March 12, the matches will take place until March 28. In the event that each team will play 36 games in the regular season, a series will consist of six games. After competing in a double round-robin format, top teams of respective regions will qualify for the playoffs, while the remaining will continue their run in Last Chance Qualifiers.

ALGS Split 2 NA Schedule

All regions will roughly follow the same weekend schedule

ALGS Split 2 seeds based on regions

All teams that participate in the ALGS Pro League have a shot at advancing through one of three tiers of competition. The best teams automatically move into Playoffs, while everyone below 10th will have to play in one of two Last Chance Qualifiers. The regional seed distribution is listed below:

  • APAC North, EMEA, North America – 1st-10th teams to playoffs, 11th-32nd teams to Last Chance Qualifier #2, 33rd-40th to Last Chance Qualifier #1
  • South America, APAC South – 1st-5th teams to playoffs, 6th-32nd teams to LCQ #2, 33rd-40th to LCQ #1

In Apex Legends Pro League Split 2 North America, 29 teams from Split 1 will take place. The rest of the participants are the teams that qualified from Split 2 qualifiers. Split 1’s champion TSM is going to start the event in Group A that contains strong names such as G2 Esports, Renegades, Lazarus, and XSET. Split 2 matches will be streamed from the beginning and you can follow the occasion from here.