Alternative markets CSGO betting slip for the upcoming weekend

If you are looking to bank profit on your next parlay, then we suggest you not miss out on our picks that will put you in green. With all the attention going to IEM Summer 2021, plenty of bettors forget the amazing opportunities and matches being played at Elisa Invitational and ESEA Premier North America. Luckily, we are here to identify and point you at the correct CSGO match betting markets.

Below, you can find our predictions for four upcoming matches with the solid CSGO odds on the market.


Vinicios “PKL” Coelho

paiN vs PDHM

This is going to be the easiest match of paiN’s season so far at ESEA Premier North America. PDHM is basically a pug roster that was assembled a couple of weeks ago. They are facing a Brazilian roster that is playing on a solid level right now as they are riding a three-match win streak.

There is really not much to say about this match. On one side, you have a professional team that competed against the best teams in the world, while on the other side, you have a newly built roster that has nothing to play for. All in all, this is going to be an easy 2-0 victory for paiN. The most solid odds in this selection are for PaiN to win the first map in under 23.5 rounds.

Endpoint vs DBL PONEY

Moving on to our three selections all happening at the Elisa Invitational. First up, DBL PONEY had a rough couple of weeks, we still decided to back them in this match as we believe that they are a much better team once you compare them to Endpoint.

To make things even better, DBL PONEY has a much deeper map pool and they will for sure get two comfortable maps for themselves which can’t be said about Endpoint. If this match ends up on Dust 2 and Overpass, the French roster will win this match with ease.

Skade vs Lyngby Vikings

Moving on to our only underdog pick that we are certain about. Skade only won one out of the last 6 matches they played. Contrary to that, Lyngby Vikings won 4 straight and they looked really good in all of those matches.

When it comes to map pool, we would dare to say that both teams will get what they are looking for. For Lyngby Vikings, this is going to be Dust 2, while Skade will opt-in for either Vertigo or Overpass. To summarize, this is a coinflip and given the fact that Skade is unable to beat anyone in their last matches, we simply want to play odds in this one since the odds on Lyngby Vikings to win this match are more than rewarding.

Fiend vs Nordavind

On paper, Nordavind has an excellent roster filled with individual skill and experience. However, they are not able to use this in order to win matches. On the other hand, Fiend has a similar roster, but they are well-capable of winning matches with ease.

The main reason why we believe that this is going to be an easy match for Fiend is the map pool. Vertigo and Inferno are the only two maps Nordavind can play. Given the fact that Fiend will for sure ban Vertigo, Nordavind is only left with one map. Fiend for sure has a deeper map pool and if this goes into deep waters, Fiend will come out on top for sure.

In the end, we are looking at betting slip featuring nearly twenty-fold return on investment for only four selections.

paiN vs PDHMFirst map in under 23.5 rounds@ 1.83
Endpoint vs DBL PONEYDBL PONEY to win 2:0@ 3.40
Skade vs Lyngby VikingsLyngby Vikings to win@ 2.37
Fiend vs NordavindFiend to win@ 1.28

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