Astralis Releases k0nfig Amidst Reports of Brutal Malta Attack

On Monday 10th October, Kristian ‘k0nfig’ Wienecke opened up on social media regarding a violent attack in Malta that left him with multiple fractures. At the time of the attack, k0nfig was in-country to compete at ESL Pro League 16, and one evening, in a club in Malta, he found himself in an altercation. In the days after the attack, k0nfig retreated to Denmark to recuperate, undergo surgery, and deal with the fact that Astralis had sadly released him from his contract.

Reportedly, k0nfig and his teammates found themselves mourning a loss in the group stage of the tournament that ultimately stripped them of their ability to qualify further. During the evening’s activities, which involved nightclubs in Malta’s Paceville neighbourhood, k0nfig found himself separated from his friends. In a dramatic tale, told by k0nfig on social media, we hear how he ended up in a fight with a bouncer that left him with broken bones and a devastated mindset.

Opening Up

k0nfig astralis

Image Credit: Dotesports

It took almost a month, but k0nfig opened up on Twitter regarding the incident that occurred in Malta. He revealed that, while under the influence of alcohol, he engaged with an aggressive bouncer at a particular nightclub in Paceville, Malta. He was alone, having been separated from his friends, and he found himself in an argument with a doorman who was allegedly attempting to block his entry into the club.

Following a physical assault upon him, k0nfig ran from the nightclub, but shortly after, he spotted the bouncer (otherwise referred to as a ‘promoter’ in this breakdown) in the street. At that moment, k0nfig explains that he was overcome by anger and he chased him down, seeking retribution. In the scuffle that followed, k0nfig was brutally beaten, his leg was broken, his foot dislocated, and his skull fractured.

There was almost no news circulating about this attack after the event itself. It took several weeks for k0nfig to explain what had happened, from his perspective. For the fans, it seemed as though k0nfig was dropped from Astralis following the loss at ESL Pro League 16, and at the time, there were only rumours of the fight having taken place. As one of the best CSGO players in the business, it seemed like an odd situation, but it was what it was.

Moving Forward

As of the 10th of October, k0nfig has been listed as a free agent, but it might be some time before he competes again. As he explained, quite dramatically, he was ‘scared that (he) was about to die’, and as a result of the attack, he was left traumatised and mentally impacted. As a result of the investigation by local authorities in Malta, it was confirmed that the promoter in question was under the influence of drugs at the time of the attack.

Recently, the ESL signed a multi-year partnership with the Malta Gaming Authority, to bring the ESL Pro League in-country for the next few years. If k0nfig should sign up with another organisation that competes in a Malta-based event, he may have some concerns regarding his eventual return to the country.