AstroX is due to launch on the 20nd of September – Here’s all you need to know

Trading Card Games have proven popular since the likes of Hearthstone jumped into the spotlight a few years ago.

Now in the dawn of blockchain gaming many games have taken the stage from the genre, offering unique takes and functionalities.

Let’s go over the details of this highly anticipated blockchain title and what we can expect going into the future!


Image Credits | AstroX

What is AstroX?

AstroX has been set to release on the 20th for the general public. It is a space themed trading card style game that will allow players to own their own unique NFT collectibles.

Whilst being primarily a TCG game, their website also states there are RPG elements intertwined, making for a more immersive experience for gamers.

Following a similar structure to already released titles players can earn NFTs and in-game rewards from playing different game modes both competitively and also in more casual game modes.

Cards (digital assets) obtained by users are fully owned by them on the blockchain, and can also be merged with different cards to enhance the combat experiences and gameplay.

A marketplace has also been described on the official AstroX whitepaper, found also on the website.

“We will create a marketplace to enable NFT minting and trading at a scale of instant trade confirmation. This creates a massively improved user experience, which enables all players to have the ability to scale up their rewards and assets in real time.”

AstroX in-game token

As always there will be a token that follows suit for this title, named $ATX. This will become available on the 22nd, a few days after the general game release.

2 billion ATX tokens will be in circulation and will be available via PancakeSwap.

Token investors are advised to be weary of the taxes they will face on the ATX token. Totalling at 7%, 3% will be paid into the Liquidity Pool and then a further 4% is paid into Marketing & Development for this project!

This game is being hosted on the popular Binance blockchain, users will have a safe and secure experience playing this game.

Binance are currently one of the most used crypto exchanges available, offering transparency and easy access for all crypto traders and investors.

What can we expect from AstroX?

The next few months for AstroX will be interesting. Crypto as a whole is currently experiencing a bear market, where tokens are reaching new lows when compared to the previous market highs we have experienced.

Crypto gaming however has not slowed down in terms of active users and trading. We would hope this trend will also be applied to AstroX once it has become available to the general public.

With a clear and coherent roadmap that covers some interesting updates this title has the potential to make moves amongst crypto gamers.

Furthermore, the development team behind this web3 project have made themselves public via the official website also with names and photos of them being present. Having this transparency with their fanbase is important at such an early stage in this games lifespan.

Be sure to check out AstroX when it gets released. For fans of crypto gaming and immersive trading card games!