Axie Infinity Meta Breakdown – February 16, 2022

Just like any other game or card game, in particular, the meta in Sky Mavis’ play-to-earn giant Axie Infinity changes from time to time. There’s no permanent line-up that sticks on top of the leaderboards for so long.

But of course, diving into what’s “in” and what is the best really helps players to know what they can actually use. This alone can affect the prices of Axies in the marketplace, making a money-making machine for some breeder. Yet maybe there could be others who will have some loss especially for those who invested into the meta “before” which might have been countered by now.

That is why knowing what to breed or buy is very important to make one Lunacian’s investment worth it. Here is our meta breakdown of the best Axie setups this week (highest MMR).

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God Reptile (Reptile-Mech-Plant, Reptile-Beast-Plant, Reptile-Aqua-Plant)

What could be considered as the primary meta right now on almost all ELOs are the setups revolving around the God Reptile. This Axie alone can dismantle offensively and defensively thanks to the Melee and Ranged reflect cards Bulkwark and Tiny Catapult. The high-damaging Tiny Swing is also an integral factor especially in finishing games, as well as the damage and energy gain potential by Kotaro Bite.

Mix this up with an all-damage/energy-stealing Mech/Beast or an Aqua with Tail Slap, Scarab Curse/Bug Splat, Crimson Water/Risky Fish, and Acrobatic, and a meta Plant or Dusk with Cattail, Bug Splat/Scarab, Grub Surprise/Wooden Stab, and Piercing Sound to release its full potential. But the God Reptile alone is an absolute monster – it won’t be called a God Axie for no reason.

Hybrid Double/Triple Aquas (Aqua-Aqua-Plant, Aqua-Aqua-Dusk, Aqua-Aqua-Aqua)

Still one of the most consistent and flexible lineups this season 20 of Axie Infinity is the hybrid Aqua variants. The midliner Tail Slap, Scarab Curse/Bug Splat, Crimson Water/Risky Fish, and Acrobatic works wonder as an adaptive Axie before going to a 1v1 situation with the backline Aqua with Cuckoo, Crimson Water, Scale Dart, and Upstream Swim in most scenarios.

The best tank for this setup is a meta Plant or Dusk with Cattail, Bug Splat/Scarab, Grub Surprise/Wooden Stab, and Piercing Sound. With Bugs, Beasts, and Mechs still rampant in the meta, the Cattail advantage is still very viable to provide more cards as early as round 1 or 2.

Numbing Lecretion Builds (Backdoor Aqua-Double Plant, Hare Bird-Double Plant, Numbing Bugs)

With the rise of God Reptiles in the meta, the builds around one of its primary counters are also making noise once again. The Numbing Lecretion card which can disable melee cards when played with another card is what could be considered as the single most powerful card in all of Axie. When used against a God Reptile, it then disables three of the four cards of the Axie, leaving Tiny Catapult as the only available card to be activated during that round.

Mostly, Numbing Lecretion is used on a Plant Axie with Blood Taste/Drain Bite, Tiny Catapult/Prickly Trap for Ranged-reflect damage, and Cleanse Scent as a 0-energy cost. Though there are variants wherein it could be found on Bugs, or even Reptiles. Setup the Numbing Axie with a Backdoor Aqua with Chitin Jump, Scale Dart/Barb Strike, Hero’s Bane/Clam Slash/Sinister Strike, and Crimson Water/Risky Fish/Angry Lam, or a Hare Bird with Hare Dagger, Balloon Pop, Eggbomb, and Peace Treaty for outplay potential, and of course, the already mentioned meta Plant/Dusk.

Other Line-Ups To Watch Out For

There are still a lot of decent builds in Axie right now in the highest MMRs.

This includes Season 19 powerhouse lineups like the Double Bug (Anesthetic Bait, Bug Splat/Scarab, Third Glance, Sunder Claw) and Sugar Rush Aqua, as well as the Jumping Poison (Gas Unleash Plant, Venom Spray/Ivory Chop, Smart Shot, Chomp Dusk, God Backdoor Mech), a God Mech/Backdoor Aqua/Meta Plant setup, and the famous ‘Indes Line-up’ (Hare Bird, Scarab Curse mid Aqua, Meta Plant).

All of these are still viable builds that can compete up to the leaderboard right now in Axie Infinity, especially with Bugs and Mechs being a direct counter to Reptiles.