Beastcoast picks up Thunder Awaken players, marking new era of SA Dota

Big moves in South America’s Dota 2 scene. It’s the end of an era, particularly for beastcoast. They are the first to break out the news of picking up two TA players for their upcoming roster. The news is a crucial game-changer as it’s certain that EG isn’t picking up the entire TA line-up.

For the uninitiated, the beastcoast roster which competed at the International 11 (TI11) was formerly team Infamous which won seventh at TI9. They were trendsetters, marking the South American scene’s best team three years ago. However, with their announcement on acquiring two new players, the TI9 Infamous roster is no longer together.

Beastcoast announces the departure of C.Smile and Wisper

Thunder Awaken splits after a solid season

Thunder Awaken secured 5th at TI this year. Even so, you would be surprised to realize that TA’s winnings this year were approximately 25% lower than Infamous at TI9 despite the higher placement.

Nonetheless, TA has proven itself to be a phenomenal team, narrowly defeating Team Liquid for a runner-up spot. TA as a team had dynamic drafting strategies, flawless execution and a will of steel. We witnessed how TA fought to the bitter end despite Liquid’s high-ground breach. The Enigma Blackhole on Michael “miCKe” Vu’s Pangolier could have gone both ways if it wasn’t for Lasse “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen’s Lifestealer infesting his dying teammate at only 1HP remaining.

Yet, just a week since TI11 concluded, news of TA’s line-up going their different ways hit the fans.

Beastcoast picks up two TA players for DPC 2023

On paper, beastcoast’s decision to pick TA’s mid and offlane players is undeniably terrifying as a power move. The players, Herrera “DarkMago” Gonzalo and Rafael “Sacred” Yonatan are masters of calculated execution, often surviving fights at a slimmer of health. Not only is this frustrating for their opponents, but proves just how experienced these young prodigies are.

Frankly, beastcoast’s decision to pick up the two cores is reasonable, as these star players will pull off amazing feat. On a side note, TA letting go of arguably the best SA roster of this era is questionable. We seen how teams, such as NoPing Esports and Infamous lose out on the talent acquisition game when they release their all-star rosters prematurely.

While beastcoast lost their title as the most accomplished SA team in TI, they are by no means weak. There is dignity in placing seventh after losing to PSG.LGD, a team that was anticipated to win TI11. Additionally, they also defeated their NA counterpart, none other than EG, which likely puts their inter-region rival to shame.

Evil Geniuses still goes South American?

Rumors about the North American powerhouse, EG migrating to the SA region for a new Dota 2 division spread like wildfire. For a moment, it almost seemed true as other NA teams dropped their respective rosters due to poor performance at TI11, such as Soniqs.

The main rumor was that EG was looking to pick up the entire Thunder Awaken roster for the upcoming season. After the recent split, this seems unlikely. We are still at the start of the roster-shuffle so plenty can change in the following weeks.

Speaking of regions, there’s no denying that SA region will be the dominant region going into DPC 2023. NA representatives, such as Soniqs, TeamSoloMid, EG, and nouns have completely lost their dominance over their counterparts. As eager investors compare the two regions for a Dota 2 division, it’s certain that SA is the better candidate for potential return on investment.