Neon Dynasty – Best Cards from Magic: The Gathering’s latest set

Big things are happening lately for the Magic: The Gathering (MTG)  fans out there. The longest-running card game in history is getting praise and attention, primarily revolving around Neon Dynasty.

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, takes back fans to the well-known cultural slash techno plane of Kamigawa. It was first introduced to the game way back in 2005 but did not live up to the expectations of the community compared to the other successful set debuts through the years.

Now, it’s making redemption of some sort through the revamped cards that could potentially change the meta, and here are some you might want to take a look at.


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Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty – Cards to look out for

The Wandering Emperor

Probably one of the most-anticipated cards from the set, The Wandering Emperor is one of Neon Dynasty’s banner cards. This alone already implies something big might be in store for fans upon having the card itself. And it really did not disappoint when it was revealed.

The Wandering Emperor has it all. A +1/+1 and first strike boost, can summon a 2/2 Samurai token, exiling targets and plus 2 life alongside being the first Planeswalker to have Flash? This is just overwhelming for a single card with a cost of 4 mana. This just makes any White decks stronger than ever and might be one of their staples moving forward.

Boseiju, Who Endures

A land card is one of Neon Dynasty’s strongest cards.

Boseiju, Who Endures ain’t just your ordinary land card. It acts as a utility spell card with its effect – discarding either one of your opponent’s artifacts, enchantments, or nonbasic lands. It may sound simple but the impact it has especially during the most crucial moments in the game.

It has some sort of drawback though, as it allows your opponent to have a bonus basic land card, but its utility to dismantle their setup is just remarkable. You can also save up costs for this card depending on the number of legendary creatures you have. That might be something to consider if you want to create a deck containing those.

Hinata, Dawn-Crowned

And last but not the least, we have Hinata, Dawn-Crowned. Some may not include this card on their list of best Neon Dynasty cards. But this card’s potential is insane. This alone can add mana to your side but can also decrease your opponent’s. Just how useful can it be especially in scenarios where your opponent’s arsenal of tricks is already taking place.

It’s also a decent 4/4 though its 4 and tri-colored mana could be the drawback. But again, utility-wise, this can be a gamechanger to the current meta especially in Standard.

Neon Dynasty Championship

Going back to the interesting things happening and will happen in the world of MTG, Magic officially announced the Neon Dynasty Championship. The tournament will utilize the Traditional Alchemy and Traditional Historic Constructed formats (Best-of-Three with sideboard). Competitors who are all invited through qualifying events from past MTG tournaments will fight for a massive $450,000 prize pool, with $20,000 of it going to the first place.

All of the matches will take place in their online game Magic: The Gathering Arena and will run from March 11–13, 2022. Make sure to follow us for more esports news and updates as it happens.

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It will be interesting to see how the meta and feel of the game shifts with the latest expansion. Competitive MTG will definitely be exciting to watch.

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