Best 5 Heroes to start with in Overwatch 2 – Top Starter Picks

The launch of Overwatch 2 for all devices, has seen a massive surge in player base and popularity for the game. Nearly 25 million players started playing the game since the launch of the game. With its unique style of gameplay and 5v5 play, more and more fans have been returning to, or starting up in OW2.

With the second iteration of the game being free to play for all players, the hype for OW2 is unsurprising. With our initial Overwatch 2 review done, its time to brief all of you who are just starting up your Overwatch journey.

Here’s our picks for five Overwatch Heroes you should start your grind with.

Best Overwatch 2 Begginer Hero

Types of Heroes in Overwatch 2

Let’s get into some basics first. Overwatch 2 features three types of Heroes, each with their own unique playstyle.

We first have the Tank class, who are the focal point of a team composition. In terms of your team’s offensive or defensive strategy, the Tank class is sometimes referred to as the “front line.” The primary responsibility of a tank is to deflect damage from the other side. Based on the Tank character you select to use, “shielding damage” can mean holding up a shield in direction of enemy fire, utilising your large Tank body to deflect damage, or diverting the enemy team’s focus away from your approaching squad.

Secondly, we have the Damage class of heroes. As their name indicates their main objective is to cause a lot of damage to their opponent in-game. All Overwatch Heroes have their own unique abilities that differentiate one character from another.  Two types of damages can be caused by these heroes. One is projectile while another is hitbox in which one has to aim at the character and not at an area. Given how crucial location is to the Damage role, this new mobility enhancement is an essential weapon in your toolbox. The sooner you can change positions, the better your chances are of surviving away from your Support’s line of sight.

Last but not least, we got the Support class. Your team’s lifeblood, figuratively speaking, is the Support class. These heroes keep your squad alive by offering them an abundance of healing or an advantage in combat. This can be by providing a speed boost or healing or even damage boost based on the characters one uses.

Top 5 Heroes to start with in Overwatch 2


Lucio OW2

We first have Lucio who in my opinion is the most fun hero to play with in-game. Lucio is a part of the supporter class of characters. While his passive ability allows him to be able to climb walls while running around. His main ability is that he has an aura around him that depends on his choice of “music”.

He can either provide a speed boost to his teammates. Or decide to be healing his team. With his damage is in the form of projectiles that deal damage over an area. His ultimate provides extra health to his teammates when nearby of the usage. To use Lucio one must know how to alternate between speed, as well as a health boost. To make the most of his mobility, learning to jump around to get off angles is crucial.

Lucio has a steep learning curve, but will help you master both spatial awareness, mobility and team support in one single package.


Sojourn Overwatch 2

Sojourn is the new character who has been introduced in Overwatch 2. While being a part of the Damage class of, her abilities will help one ease into the game. Due to her abilities being similar, players from Apex Legends as well as Call Of Duty will be able to easily grasp her. While having a railgun to have a primary fire against characters. With a secondary fire that is a high-impact shot after recharge. Her power slide will remind many of the sliding mechanism in Apex Legends. While her ultimate recharge the rail gun to allow a Hit Knock Out Shot against the opponents. With the help of her energy burst, it will be easy for most to get a hold of the needed playing style. To make the most of her abilities.

Soldier: 76

Soldier 76 Overwatch 2

The next character on the list is Soldier 76, also a part of the Damage class of heroes. In my opinion is the most basic character to use in the game. With an automatic rifle, shooting with him will feel like no other FPS. His sprinting allowed players to jockey from one end of the map to another. He has a biotic field that acts as a form of healing for him and his teammates on a map. If someone has played Call Of Duty, this character will be the easiest to transition with. While his Ultimate allows him to have aimbot and shoot at all opponents without worrying about his aim.

If one uses his rockets and abilities at the right moment, they will be able to get a lot of kills. One must note that while running one cannot use his other abilities as well. To use Soldier 76 one will need to know the basics of any FPS game and learn to aim. While also using his heal packs to support his teammates.


Orisa Top 5 Overwatch Heroes

We next have Orisa, the first from the Tank Class on our list. We must note that it would be better to not start Overwatch with a tank at first. You are expected to be the focal character when playing tanks, and it may prove a tad overwhelming. If you still feel the need to play the tank, then your choice should be Orisa.

Their primary weapon is a heat-based gun dealing more damage at close range. While the javelin spin allows one to push away the opponents and increase your speed. Their ultimate allows one to launch a high-damage beam while sweeping away the targets. While also gaining more healing similar to its Fortify ability. If you need to swiftly change positions or for any other reason, you can use Orisa’s Terra Surge Ultimate ability before it has been fully charged. However, the longer the Ultimate charges, the better your chances are of killing opponent players.

Cassidy (ex-McCree)

Cassidy OW2

The last hero for this beginner’s list is Cassidy, the classic cowboy (McCree for those returning from Overwatch). He is another character from the Damage class. He is best suited for players who have good aim. He sports a revolver as his primary gun to shoot down opponents., and secondary fire that fires the remaining bullets left in his rounds wildly.

For mobility he has the combat roll which allows him to jump ahead or backwards. While his magnetic grenade allows him to slow his opponents after getting them tagged. Which then results in them being easy prey to be hit with a headshot. His Ultimate is Deadeye which makes him into a killing machine. After locking on to all the opponents the bullets get fired killing everyone in sight. While the key to playing Cassidy is to fire the Magnetic Grenade at an adversary, make sure to aim precisely. The Grenade will deliver more damage if you attach it to an adversary.

With Overwatch 2’s initial release bugs fixed, it’s time to get grinding and making the most out of the new title. See you out there.

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