Best Pokémon games on Roblox: How to bring the Pokémon universe to life in Roblox

What are the best Pokémon games on Roblox? Fortunately, there are a lot of options. Roblox is its own game, but it allows players to play other games from inside it. It’s a pretty interesting game as a result.

Thanks to Roblox, Pokémon-type games are available on PC, iOS and Android mobile devices and Xbox. PCs and Xboxes ordinarily have no access to legitimate Pokémon titles. Even still, these Pokémon games are not officially licensed. Players can’t go into Roblox and search for Pokémon: Scarlet and Violet and be able to play the official Generation IX title.

Pokemon Games on Roblox

Nevertheless, this is an excellent way of bringing Pokémon games to other platforms and in unique fashion. Additionally, some of these games are off-brand Pokémon adventures, but others have the same look, feel and characters.

Here are the best Pokémon games on Roblox.

Best Pokémon games on Roblox: Which titles are available?

Please note that Nintendo doesn’t like other people making games out of their brands, so they often strike them down. This has happened to some of the best Pokémon games on Roblox and will continue to happen. This may also force gamers to look a lot harder to find certain ones when they search.

13. Monsters of Etheria

Monsters of Etheria doesn’t call itself a Pokémon game, but it is one of the best Pokémon games on Roblox. In fact, the lack of Pokémon licensed things and the lack of the name in the title means Nintendo will be less likely to notice it and take it down. It used to be called Pokémon Fighters EX, but they’ve since changed the name.

Aside from that, it’s effectively just like a Pokémon game. Players travel around the Etheria region and collect creatures- sound familiar? It also has gyms to battle and evolutions as well. It’s pretty much a Pokémon game with a different name.

12. Pokémon Arena X

This Pokémon game on Roblox allows trainers to experience life as a Pokémon. It features simple gameplay and allows players to level up and evolve as usual. Once players reach certain levels, they can try playing as other Pokémon. It’s a simple but effective Pokémon game on Roblox.

11. Project Polaro

best Pokémon game on Roblox

Project Polaro on Roblox

Project Polaro arguably has the biggest community within Roblox. It’s an excellent game that has attracted a lot of players over the years. It had dungeon adventures, puzzles to solve and a legitimate battle system. It’s not a Pokémon game by name, but it functions exactly like one.

10. Pokémon Legends 2

Speaking of popular Roblox Pokémon games with large communities, it’s estimated that Pokémon Legends 2 has seen over 20 million players during its shelf life. It’s a great game centered on Legendary Pokémon, so it’s understandable that everyone wants to try it out. In this game, players can play as a Legendary Pokémon and explore a vast, open world. There’s plenty of fun to be had in this one.

9. Pokémon Battle Brawlers

This is one of the oldest Pokémon games on Roblox. It debuted in 2009 and has become a hit with the Roblox community. It focuses on battling, which is arguably the most popular part of the main franchise. Players can train their creatures and fight it out with others.


8. Pokémon Brick Bronze

What makes Pokémon Brick Bronze such a great game is that it’s pretty much a copy of Pokémon games. That does come with risks, though. It has been struck down by Nintendo before. However, after the first time that happened, the creators instituted cross-save. With this, it doesn’t matter if it’s struck down because it can come back and bring in the data that was saved elsewhere. It’s safe for that reason, which is what makes it such a popular choice despite all the risks.

7. Legends of Space

Best Pokémon games for Roblox

Legends of Space on Roblox

Legends of Space doesn’t feature the Pokémon name, but it’s still incredibly fun. The name is just a red herring, though. Once players get inside, they’ll immediately recognize several generations of Pokémon. It functions almost exactly like a mainline game, it just has a deceptive title. Nintendo hasn’t caught on just yet.

6. Project Pokémon

Similar to Pokémon Brick Bronze, Project Pokémon has cross-save. No matter how many times it gets removed for copyright issues, it pops back up with all user data still in tact. It’s got streamlined graphics for smooth gameplay and features quite a few generations of Pokémon for trainers to catch. It feels right at home in the franchise despite not being related at all.

5. Loomian Legacy

Loomian Legacy is very much like Brick Bronze, just without any risk of being taken down. It functions exactly like a Pokémon game, but trainers will never find a Charizard, an Eevee, a Rattata or a Pikachu inside it. Instead, it has its own unique creatures and routes to explore so it feels like a Pokémon game without being one. It’s easily one of the best Pokémon games for Roblox players.


4. Pokémon Galaxy

Pokémon Galaxy is one of the more unique games in the Roblox line. It borrows mechanics and aspects from Pokémon mainline games, which isn’t uncommon. What makes it unique is that it also borrows from the hit mobile game, Pokémon GO. It features a wide variety of starters and a large environment to play in. It has everything a Pokémon player could want from Roblox.

3. Pokémon Legends

best Pokémon games for Roblox

An Arceus in Pokémon Legends on Roblox

Pokémon Legends 2 might be one of the most popular Roblox Pokémon games, but its predecessor deserves a ton of credit. This one is the blueprint for that and it does everything so well. Legends lets you play as a Pokémon and it has everything one could need.

2. Bloxymon

Like the name would suggest, Bloxymon is not a Pokémon game- it’s only similar to one. It’s pretty much a re-skinned Pokémon game, which certainly doesn’t draw any complaints from players. It’s original and creative and it makes longtime Pokémon veterans feel right at home. It might not be as much fun as catching a Riolu and evolving it to a Lucario in a mainline game, but the creatures here are still fun to play with.

1. Pokémon Universe

What makes Pokémon Universe the best Pokémon game on Roblox is the fact that it allows players the option of choosing. Many games let you play as the trainer, while others let you experience life as a Pokémon.

Universe allows you to choose your path in that regard. It’s a bit unpolished, but that choice and the unbelievable gameplay make this one of the top choices for many Roblox players. It’s a bit empty in comparison to others, but that doesn’t take away from what an excellent game this is.

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