Best Rust Players 2023 – PvP and Content

The conversation of who the best Rust players are often a very subjective one. You’ve got to consider that there’s no win condition, besides preventing your base from getting raided or successfully raiding the most secured base.

Nevertheless, here’s the hall of fame of best Rust players, particularly streamers or Youtubers who are reputable in the game. The criteria for selecting a ‘winner’ are who we think is good in PvP or how entertaining their content is.

Best Rust players in PvP

Rust servers essentially create a long-term PvP environment, where even the best Rust players in the world have to watch their backs 24/7. And quite frankly, everyone’s a winner on the 700 POP Rust server, since they likely participated in intense battles frequently enough to be a qualified Rust survivalist.


That said, there’s a notable Youtuber, aloneintokyo, who uploads videos of his elaborate raid tactics and gruesomely baited raiders. Not to mention that he often plays Rust solo (which is the truest way of playing Rust), which makes him more of a one-man army. Nevertheless, playing on a 700 POP server is not always fun and games. More often than not, it’s being bullied by clans, getting door-camped, and ultimately, a negative kill-death rate.


Here’s a blast from the past, trausi. Once feared even by pros, he has recently become quite active on Youtube and delivers phenomenal Rust content. What truly sets trausi apart is his commitment to remaining alive in a Rust server for many long hours. His survival tactics have often left viewers in awe as he’s seemingly untouchable in a PvP setting. For instance, he uploaded a video titled, “THE 32,000 HOUR DUO,” which as the name suggests, was one of the longest periods of survival out there!


As the king of the hill, BCHILLZ deserves the most notable spot. Unlike other strong candidates for the best Rust players, who derived their content with good storylines of raids and strategies. BCHILLZ’s content includes huge volumes of PvP action and raids. He’s that one player on the Rust server who blatantly runs over everyone without a plan, but knows what he’s doing.

In fact, BCHILLZ is plausibly the only Rust player who remained true to his ideals to become a pro gamer in Rust PvP.

Bchillz rust

Source: Bchillz on Twitter

Best Rust Players for content

The other category of best Rust players is in terms of content on either Youtube or Twitch. The candidates here are well-regarded for their interesting content and, as such, served as pillars in educating Rust players too.

Ser Winter

Jokes aside, Ser Winter’s content is more than just tutorials. It explains exactly what he’s doing and why, making it perfect for brand new players. He plays both solo and co-op modes for the times when Rust is more fun with an ally.

Additionally, Ser Winter is an all-rounder in the sandbox survival genre, playing The Forest as an alternative to Rust. We highly recommend that if you are into watching the best Rust players get spooked!

Coconut B

A great sense of humor is hard to come by when hours of base building go to waste. Coconut B, however, has leveraged the hardships of playing Rust to entertain us. Furthermore, he’s exceptional at PvP battles to stay relevant among the best Rust players.

Speaking of content, there are just so many Youtube videos to dig into so Coconut B’s Twitch stream is a better hub to stop by. On a side note, Coconut B has arguably the best Rust settings, so that’s a good place to start becoming one of the best Rust players in the world!


If there’s a Youtuber you’d watch for delivering quality content consistently, it’s VertigoGaming. The popular channel organizes his content into great stories for a more immersive experience for the viewers, and that stems from how he organizes his playlists too.

His huge network of Rust gamer friends also enables him to organize fun events, such as when he uploaded the Rust Battle Royale video. This is essentially PvP Rust in its fairest form since notable parties manage this.

Coconut B rust

Source: Marca

Honorable Mentions

Of course, Rust has one of the largest player bases on Steam. That also means that we couldn’t cover every notable Rust player (but hey, maybe next year!). However, SirWithrow deserves an honorable mention for his well-thought strategies of raiding and explaining the methodologies.

Then, there’s JordanRants, who as his name suggests, rants hilariously about many Rust-relatable scenarios. Nonetheless, he also does a decent job of explaining what he does in his videos and the reason behind his unorthodox tactics. We highly recommend these folks if you’re starting out on your journey to become among the best Rust players on the best Rust servers.

Among PvP enthusiasts, word goes around about a rising star, hJune. Checking out his recent content, we are in awe of his sniping accuracy and his coordination with the boys. Coincidently, he was against the famed Coconut B, which unfortunately ended badly for hJune, who lost the raid defense. Nevertheless, his squad managed to hold onto the server as the most prominent group after beating every opponent once. Lastly, Posty is reputable for his solo raids adventures or solo hunts on other Rust players, which is a terrifying end for anyone unlucky to face him on the Rust server.

In hindsight, being the best Rust player is not so much about winning, but the thrills and experience are what matters more. So, each to their own, it’s a sandbox after all.

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