BIG favored in Roobet Cup 2022 Final against FaZe Clan

Unexpected turn of events at the Roobet Cup, as two Group A participants end up in the Grand Final. Roobet’s first foray into organizing a high-level tournament is going down in history. FaZe Clan or BIG will claim a big chunk of the 250,000$ prize pool after their final clash tonight.

The highly-thrilling format put impetus on playing every game as if it’s a team’s last if they slip up has added to the excitement. With some of the best teams in the world already out, we are heading into a thrilling bo3 final where BIG is surprisingly more favored over global #1 seed FaZe Clan.

How we got here

Group A produced plenty of thriller matches after FaZe and BIG played out their three-map thriller. A win saw BIG top their group, and left FaZe battling for a last-chance decider for the final playoff spot. FaZe, the tournament favourites, began with a dominating performance over OG in their opening game. They had to beat OG once again in the decider to make it out of Groups, in yet another thrilling b03.

One of the reasons why the group result was massive for BIG is that after “Xantares” exited, the German outfit struggled with a solid line-up, often trying to mix and match with players coming and going. It had become a revolving door – poor performances weren’t tolerated, and the odd flash in the pan was overly rewarded. This led to a bit of instability which they’ve now tried to fix.

Coming into Playoffs, Cloud9 was expected to make the deep run, but it was once again BIG with a dominating showcase on Dust and Inferno that sealed their fate. FaZe Clan had to go through ENCE and Astralis in their portion of the bracket, which they did with a similar round ratio to their finals counterpart.

A duel between the #1st and #11th global seed shouldn’t feel this close, yet in a bo3 scenario, everything feels like a toss-up.

BIG vs FaZe Clan – Roobet Cup 2022 Grand Final Predictions

Going into the Grand Final, FaZe Clan have the CSGO odds in their favor due to their ranking and season performance. Yet, BIG is favored in our books, especially considering on tournament performance. Overpass, Dust2 and Nuke can both swing either way, so we can expect teams to stay away from choosing them or outrigh banning them. We can expect Vertigo and Ancient as likely bans as neither team would really play them, leaving us with Mirage as a potential FaZe Clan pick, while BIG goes for Inferno or one of the three contested maps.

If the luck of the draw favors BIG and they get to play Dust2 and Overpass as two of the three maps, they may ultimately challenge FaZe for the trophy. If however, the draw throws curve balls in maps neither team has played recently, we are going to have this one to FaZe Clan due to their immense pool of experience and fragging power.

Either way, go for betting markets favoring a 3-Map Final, and 25+ rounds played in each map. You can also place a singles bet on BIG to win it all at a favorable x2.93 or more at select esports bookmakers.

Nikhil Kalro

[Staff Writer] With an interest in strategy and mathematics, applying that to sports writing was the natural progression. A writer at night and the founder of a gaming company, Nikhil’s previous experience includes working with ESPN for five years. His specialization includes soccer, tennis and esports betting.

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