BLAST Premier Fall Showdown – Predictions to spice up your weekend

Nine teams remain in battle for the two guaranteed spots for the BLAST Fall Finals. The Fall Showdown sees no major upsets thus far, as expected favorites plow along into the quarterfinals.

We take a dive into three matches that are guaranteed to make you a nice profit over the upcoming weekend. Bare with us, in our BLAST Fall Shodown precition analysis with CSGO odds courtesy of GG.BET.

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Evil Geniuses vs MAD Lions

The way Evil Geniuses are playing right now is really weird. Out of the last 20 maps played, they played Inferno on 13 which gives us literally no answers on their current form and playstyle on any other map. MAD Lions, on the other hand, looks solid in their last few outings and they are currently riding a 4 match win streak.

In order to keep things simple, MAD Lions should have an enormous advantage in this match. Even if they allow Inferno into the map veto, they can still go for Ancient, Overpass, Nuke, or even Mirage and they should still be favored.

All in all, at even odds, there is not much to think about. MAD Lions definitely have a better chance of winning this one.

Prediction: MAD Lions to win
Odds: 1.90

Heroic vs Dignitas

In what is going to be a very one-sided match, one team is probably clueless on how they ended up in the playoffs while the other one is a legit contender at BLAST Premier Fall Showdown.

Heroic had no problems beating POGGERZ while Dignitas had an okay showing against Fiend, who aren’t really a threat anymore on the scene. When it comes to map veto, things are straight forward and there should not be any surprises in this department. Dust 2 and Ancient are for sure getting banned which leaves solid options for both teams.

Overpass looks like the best option for Heroic in this match. Contrary to that, Dignitas will look to get either Nuke or Mirage. If they opt-in for Nuke, they could run into a trap since Heroic plays this map a lot. As for the decider, things will end up on either Vertigo or Inferno where we lean towards Heroic.

All in all, the smart money is for sure on Heroic to beat Dignitas in this match. Sadly, the odds are not as rewarding. If you want to get more bang for your money, going for a 2-0 Heroic win definitely has value.

Prediction: Heroic to win
Odds: 1.40

Complexity vs OG

After looking horrible against MiBR, Complexity is back at it against OG. mantuu and his squad looked solid against paiN. It is important to mention that Complexity had a bad run before beating MiBR as they were battered by Heroic, Astralis, and even Movistar Riders. It is obvious that they are not 100% in it right now and they could be in a lot of problems in this match.

Map pool is quite interesting for this one. OG’s best map is Inferno and it is definitely getting permabanned by Complexity. However, they are also incredible on Dust 2 hence why this seems like the best pick for OG. Complexity, on the other hand, will probably pick Nuke or Overpass. Even though these are their comfort picks, we would not be surprised if they get stunned by OG in this one.

To summarize, OG is looking like a better team in this one. Complexity can’t find their footing right now and it would not be a surprise if OG dominates this match. The best part about it, there is for sure solid value in betting on OG to win this match.

Prediction: OG to win
Odds: 1.70

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