BLAST Rising 2021 Superior System Bet Predictions and Odds

BLAST Rising 2021 is just around the corner and it offers us a legit chance to make money while betting on CSGO markets. This is why we decided to provide you with a 10 match accumulator and our reasoning behind these picks. Without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Tricked vs Galaxy RacerTricked to win@ 1.55
Skade vs Spirit AcademySkade to win@ 1.20
MAD Lions vs ALTERNATE aTTaXALTERNATE aTTaX to win@ 2.40
Copenhagen Flames vs NexusNexus to win@ 3.80
Apeks vs OFFSETTotal Rounds Played(Over 25.5)@ 1.65
Sinners vs Budapest FiveSinners to win@ 1.25
DBL Pony vs NAVI JuniorDBL Poney to win @ 1.35
Nordavind vs GORILLAZGORILLAZ to win @ 2.70
Young Ninjas vs FinestYoung Ninjas to win@ 1.75
Accumulator or System 8/91.11$ per combination / 10$ for accumulator 145,92

As you can see from the betting slip above, we lined up all of the upcoming matches with different kind of esports bets that have a legit chance of hitting. However, since we placed a bet on a few underdogs, we would also advise you to get a system bet (8/9) in place where you can still land in profit if you miss one of the matches.

Why is this BLAST Rising 2021 bet slip good?

First and foremost, BLAST Rising 2021 is a qualifying tournament that sees a lot of tier 2 and tier 3 teams crashing against each other. We favored a lot of the big favorites, as there is a big gap between some of these teams hence why we consider this as an odds booster for our other selections.

Since there are three underdog bets on our betting slip, I want to elaborate more on these matches. First and foremost, MAD Lions are in shambles right now and they are playing really badly. Constant roster changes are not helping their cause, and the latest roster (signed March) is yet to start delivering. Even though we believe that MAD Lions are a better team pound-for-pound, they are simply nowhere to be found right now, and ALTERNATE aTTaX has a legit chance of sweeping the Danish-based organization.

Nexus will face off against Copenhagen Flames in another high odds match. Now that you know how high odds on Nexus are, it is important to mention that Copenhagen Flames did not record a win in their last 7 matches. To make things even better, Nexus has already beaten Copenhagen Flames not even a month ago, and they did it quite comfortably.

Last but not least, we all know that Nordavind is a team filled with players who never made it to the top and all of these players are on a decline. On the other hand, GORILLAZ is not even an organization, this is rather a mix of players who gathered around to compete. However, once you spot that GORILLAZ are based around sergej, suNNy, EspiranTo, flusha, and, NaToSaphiX, you can get a point why we fancy a bet on this team. Even though they do not have any strategy added to their game, individual skill and experience should be more than enough for GORILLAZ to get a win over Nordavind.

The rest of the selections or pretty straightforward odds favorites. Apeks and OFFSET get a round played selection since both teams have a tendency to play long drawn out matches, regardless of opponent strength.

Overall, you are looking at solid betslip as both an accumulator or system bet. Check with our CSGO betting sites to see which one is a fit for you.

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